Didn’t Change”: Noah Lyles Spills Verdict on 60M Race Against Rival Christian Coleman

Published 03/13/2024, 1:15 PM EDT

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On March 1st, an unforgettable moment etched itself into the annals of track and field lore. Christian Coleman’s triumph over Noah Lyles marked a pivotal moment in the sport’s history. In the vibrant atmosphere of Glasgow’s East End, Coleman showcased his exceptional speed and unwavering determination, clinching the world indoor 60m title with a mesmerising display of acceleration and precision.

The clash between Coleman and his formidable American counterpart, Noah Lyles, boiled down to a straightforward equation. From the very start, Coleman’s dominance was evident, never once faltering as he surged towards victory. Lyles, though impressive, had to settle for the silver medal, clocking in at 6.44 seconds. Even now, thirteen days after the event, discussions about this remarkable race continue to captivate enthusiasts. Lyles himself recently reflected on the race, expressing a sense of recognition, yet acknowledging it fell short of his own aspirations: “I just felt that it was happening, but it wasn’t as powerful as I wanted.”

Noah Lyles’ untold 60-meter battle drama revealed


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In a recent episode of the USATF Journey to Gold Zone podcast, hosted by Erik Kynard Jr. and Wallace Spearmon Jr. The spotlight gleamed upon Noah Lyles as he delved into his exhilarating experience during the 60-meter race against the formidable Christian Coleman. Recollecting the race’s intensity in an interview, Lyles vividly recounted the moments leading up to the exhilarating showdown.


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As he readied himself alongside Coleman in the warm-up area, a wave of confidence surged through Lyles, dispelling any lingering doubts he might have harbored. However, as the race commenced, Lyles found himself surprised by how closely matched he was to Coleman in the initial meters, buoyed by the prospect of victory.

Yet, as the race progressed, Lyles encountered a critical juncture at the 20-meter mark, realizing the need to exert more force onto the track—a focal point in his training regimen. Despite feeling the momentum building, it lacked the desired intensity. He speculated that it could be attributed to the three-round format or the limited practice with 60-meter sprints early in the season. He further added, “, I Didn’t change my training for anything that I’m doing right now. “opting for 200-meter workouts, two 50-meter runs, and three 100-meter dashes. How does their professional kerfuffle on the stomping grounds look like now?


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Lyles and Coleman: Olympic rivals ready to rumble

Reflecting on the race, Lyles expressed pride in his performance, stating that he felt a sense of achievement despite not hitting his stride perfectly, finishing with a time of 6.44 seconds. He acknowledged moments where he could have faltered but managed to push through. Recognising that he still achieved remarkable speed despite the challenges, he expressed genuine amazement at his own performance.


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It’s noteworthy that Coleman boasts impressive credentials, having clinched victory in the 100-meter dash at the 2019 World Championships and holding the world record in the 60 meters. However, it’s equally striking that no American athlete has secured an Olympic gold medal in either the 100-meter or 200-meter dashes since 2004. With both Coleman and Lyles poised to compete in this summer’s Olympic trials, their captivating rivalry promises to be a compelling narrative leading up to the Games.


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