Noah Lyles’ Fans Celebrate His Bulking Physique Weeks After His Comments on Doping in the Track World

Published 04/15/2024, 11:40 PM EDT

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In the question of being clean (not fractured by doping allegations), Noah Lyles has proven to be an epitome so far. The 26-year-old holds 6 world championship gold medals and one Olympic bronze to boast. But all these achievements have come without disturbing his ‘clean’ state so far. So, doubts were thrown up on his success juice, and Noah Lyles had to register some sharpened rejoinder. 

Noah Lyles holds the ultimatum of winning medals while being sacred at the highest stature. So, narrating his take on the topic more, he said, “Medals last forever, as long as you don’t get banned.” But at the same time, the American sprinter sent a belter to shut the allegation down. 

“I got here, and I’m not doping. Whether you believe that or not is up to you, but now, apparently I’m running so fast people are saying that I sold myself to the devil, which is crazy,” he argued to a conversation. This standing was proved again in Noah Lyles’ build-up displayed in the Tom Jones Memorial Classic 2024 recently. 


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Even, his perfectly stone-cast alike physical stature made his fans comment like: “Looking swole!!! Lessgooo!!!”That seemed to be Noah’s prize when the athletic world has been run over by the doping allegations. 

Noah Lyles’ way of being greater than the sport is stamped by the fans 

Just a few days ago, Noah Lyles provoked the situation by commenting on his mind among the public. On the doping allegations on the track and field athletes, the Diamond League champion had said, “If you look at the all-time list, especially in the 100, I believe the top five times besides (Usain) Bolt have all been busted for some type of ban”. So, after such a valiant comment, Noah needed to prove his side on the track. Eventually, he did that in Gainesville, Florida. So, with the beefed-up physique, the performance also lured his fans to praise him. 


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The fan handle, sig_bug’s words “bro jacked af 🔥”  might cherish Noah. The f. a. m. e. 1989’s comment went in that way only: “Man bulked up”. The stupendous volume in the yellow costume became a favorite scene for Noah Lyles’ fans. 


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The IG handle, miles_pariss praised that achievement without doping by penning, “Bro got big wtf 😂”. The fan handle, mostloyal15 went one step ahead by noticing the veins under the skin. When the doping intake can make the veins pop up noticeably, the handle’s comment, “Veins popping haha 💪🏾💪🏾” may sound rejuvenating for Noah Lyles who has established himself as the torch bearer of the anti-doping movement. 


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