Noah Lyles had a triumphant 2023 season marked by an impressive winning streak. He secured top honors in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m races at the world championships in August of the previous year. As the Paris Games draw near, he’s aiming to secure a spot on the Olympic team in June. Additionally, Lyles is gearing up for the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, set to be broadcast on NBC Sports on February 4. Nevertheless, amidst these endeavors, it seems, Noah Lyles stands fully prepared for the upcoming Paris Olympics, even off the court.

Lily Collins, the Netflix sensation celebrated for her role in ‘Emily in Paris,’ transcends the screen. She lends her creative touch to an Olympic uniform designed exclusively for Noah Lyles in a dazzling promotional spot for NBC’s 2024 Paris Games coverage. As a playful twist to this stylish fusion of fiction and fashion, she quips.’Maybe not for the other runners,’ injecting a whimsical touch into the narrative.

Lily Collins’ Emily steals the show


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In a recent Instagram post, Lily Collins treated fans to a delightful reel. The actress takes center stage in a whimsical advertisement promoting Team U.S.A.’s Summer 2024 Olympics outfits. The humorous ad kicks off, with Emily confidently declaring, “Noah will be wearing legendary designer Pierre Cadault,” as Noah sports a dazzling golden ensemble gown. When quizzed about the safety of Lyles competing in such a heavy chain-encrusted outfit. Emily hesitates, delivering a sheepish response, “Um, yes, it has been tested. It is safe. Maybe not for the other runners, but we’re just talking about Noah!” Cue the infectious laughter.


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The footage seamlessly transitions to Lyles dominating the track, securing first place as his competitors grapple. They grapple with the billowing yellow cape of his flamboyant ensemble. Amidst the victory, Emily joyfully exclaims, “Vive Noah!” showering the boardroom members with champagne.

The concluding bumper clip reveals executive feedback urging Emily to go even bigger. This prompts her to inform Lyles, already sporting the original golden look, of the need for grandeur. The Olympic bronze medalist sprinter enthusiastically responds, “I can do bigger.” As Emily in Paris pitches Noah Lyles’ extravagant Olympic uniform, it becomes evident. NBC has enlisted a cadre of style mavens for coverage of this year’s Olympic Games in Paris.


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Noah Lyles’ Olympic quest takes center stage

Noah Lyles currently holds the title of reigning world champion in both the 100 and 200-meter dash. Following his spectacular double gold victory at the 2023 World Championships, Lyles has set his sights on the upcoming Paris Olympics. With all his zeal, he is determined to continue his streak of success. Alongside this, there is another exciting element in the Olympics, as unveiled a few days back.

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Earlier this month, it was unveiled that the iconic Snoop Dogg will take on the role of a special correspondent for a major event. He will offer regular reports during its prime-time broadcast set to kick off on July 26. As the big games draw near, things have started getting more interesting, both on and off the court!

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