“Let’s See Who’s Faster!”: World’s Hottest Athlete Invites Erling Haaland for a Beauty vs Beast Challenge

Published 08/27/2023, 9:33 AM EDT

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Everybody in the track and field world knows about Alica Schmidt. With two European junior relay medals under her belt, Alica Schmidt also boasts of a personal best of 52.18 seconds in the 400 meters. She is fresh off her participation in the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest, where she took part in the 4-by-400m mixed relay and finished 7th in the final with a time of 3:14.27. Recently, she challenged an athlete from another sport that may result in a treat for sporting fans across the world.

Alica Schmidt has called out Manchester City’s golden boy Erling Haaland for a race. This unexpected match-up against two promising athletes is bound to make waves across the internet if it does happen. But Haaland is no easy target, as his own stats are enough to scare all his opponents and Schmidt is aware of this.

Track and field star challenges Erling Haaland


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Alica Schmidt did challenge Erling Haaland, but she also acknowledges the Norwegian’s athletic prowess. According to a Onefootball Facebook story, the German track star said, “I think, on 400m, yes. On 200m, it would be more difficult. But I would be happy if the race takes place.” 

While Schmidt may be fast, Manchester City’s star striker was the 8th fastest player in the English Premier League, last season with a super fast speed of  36.22km/h.

The German sprinter, who is also dubbed the “World’s Hottest Athlete,” further added, “I’m always ready. So, Haaland, if you’re ready to race, I would be happy. Let’s see who’s faster!”

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Haaland is yet to respond to the challenge but his numbers speak for themselves. He scored an astounding 52 goals in Manchester City’s triumphant campaign last season which saw his team winning the coveted treble last season. He also holds an athletic world record himself – for the longest-standing long jump for a five-year-old at 1.63 meters. But all his accolades do not deter Alica Schmidt, who previously destroyed one of Haaland’s teammates in a similar challenge, back in 2020.

When World’s Hottest Athlete destroyed Mats Hummels


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Before his move to Manchester, Erling Haaland used to play for German powerhouse Borussia Dortmund. During his Dortmund days, Mats Hummels was his teammate and captain. Coincidentally, the German giants had also hired Alica Schmidt to make some social media content for their ‘Stay fit’ series.

What followed was a total domination of Schmidt in a 400m race against Dortmund Captain. She not only beat the renowned defender and World Cup champion but also made him viral by uploading the race video online, which was viewed by 5.7 million people. According to a Sportbible report, the former Bayern Munich star recalled his racing experience as a “trip to hell”.

‘World’s Sexiest Athlete’ Alica Schmidt Hits the Slopes With French Soccer Superstar Months After Hanging Out With Neymar


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Alica Schmidt may have bested Hummels, but he was 32 at the time and Haaland on the other hand is 23. Since the beginning of this year’s English Premier League campaign, he already has 2 goals in 2 matches. He may not have responded yet to Schmidt’s challenge, but if he accepts, his terrific form may dampen the optimism of the German track and field star.

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