“Stop Hating”: Noah Lyles Trolled by Track and Field Community Over Bizarre Comment

Published 05/11/2024, 9:13 AM EDT

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Reigning world champion in both the 100 and 200 meters, Noah Lyles, stands on the cusp of history in the Diamond League. At just 26 years old, he already boasts five Diamond League titles, inching closer to Renaud Lavillenie and Christian Taylor’s shared record of seven. However, Lyles’ path to a historic seventh title may face a tough challenge in the form of Kenny Bednarek. Bednarek’s performance at the Doha Diamond League on May 10th has thrust him into the limelight, setting the fastest time of the year in the 200 meters at 19.67 seconds this year.

Despite Lyles’ impressive personal best of 19.31 seconds in the 200 meters, achieved in Oregon in 2022, Bednarek’s recent performance suggests he’s a genuine threat to that record. As speculation grows about Bednarek’s potential to surpass Lyles in the future, the reigning champion showed his humor on X, a trait he’s renowned for, in response to remarks made by fellow athlete Justin Gatlin regarding Bednarek’s performance.

Bednarek’s record-breaking run leaves Noah Lyles trembling


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Following an impressive performance by Kenny Bednarek, highlighted by NBC Olympics & Paralympics sharing a video on X, where Bednarek dominated the competition, American sprinter Justin Gatlin commented on it, Opening at 19.6 yikes 👀“. This comment came after Bednarek’s victory ahead of American relay teammates Courtney Lindsey (20.01) and Kyree King (20.21), solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the track world.


Notably, Bednarek’s triumph not only secured him a season world-leading time but also saw him shattering the 19.83 meet record previously held by Noah Lyles since May 4, 2018. However, Gatlin’s comment didn’t go unnoticed by Lyles, who swiftly responded, “This was his second race. He ran at Miramar, shedding light on Bednarek’s earlier success at the Miramar Invitational.

At the Miramar event, Bednarek showed his potential by clinching victory in the men’s 200m with a time of 20.35 seconds, edging out fellow American Christian Coleman, who finished in 20.43 seconds. Even Justin later acknowledged, “Good Catch,” when Noah Lyles clarified Bednarek’s earlier success as as well. Despite Bednarek’s impressive performances, controversy swirled around Lyles as fans speculated on whether “Noah’s shakin’,” expressed their opinions.

A spectrum of emotions and implications

In the whirlwind of fan reactions, a handful stood out for their vivid expressiveness and underlying implications. One fan’s provocative taunt not only hints at potential anxiety within Noah Lyles’ sphere but also serves as a playful dig, teasing the notion of nerves amidst competition.

Another comment took a more pointed and sardonic tone and remarked cleverly insinuating hypocrisy or inconsistency, poking at Lyles’ actions and choices in his racing endeavors, particularly in contrast to past situations.

Amidst the banter, a fan interjects with a direct plea to Stop hating urging for an end to the negative commentary and perhaps advocating for a more constructive dialogue within the fan community.


In a more visually striking response, a fan shares a gif. This visual element adds depth and richness to the fan discourse, vividly conveying emotion.



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Lastly, amid the chatter, one fan’s remark echoed with notable intensity. The assertion suggests a belief that Noah Lyles harbors jealousy towards Kenny Bednarek, adding a compelling dynamic to the conversation.


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Overall, these comments reflect the diverse opinions and emotions swirling within the fan community, contributing to the dynamic and spirited discussion surrounding the athletes and their performances.


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