Do you think Trey Holloway's achievements are overshadowed by Grant's Olympic fame?

“Sometimes you have to wait a moment for your moment.” Track and field athlete Grant Holloway has gained notoriety for his remarkable athletic abilities. But the real reason for his success is his family, especially his older brother Trey Holloway, who has a big impact on his career. Knowing the relationship between the two brothers helps to illuminate Grant’s path and the part Trey has played in his growth.

From their earliest years in Chesapeake, Virginia, to their personal track and field triumphs, the Holloway brothers formed a supporting and competitive bond. Their sports careers have been greatly influenced by their brotherhood and cooperation.

Meet Olympian Grant Holloway’s elder brother Trey Holloway


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Grant’s elder sibling Trey Holloway has a big role in his life, both on and off the track. However, Grant was immersed in the world of hurdles and track events by Trey, who also set a high bar for him to meet. When their father, Stan Holloway, introduced the boys to track, their love for the sport was ignited.

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Trey started track in high school, where he was very good at the hurdles. At the 2012 Group AAA state outdoor track and field championship, he claimed the 110-meter hurdles and finished fourth in the 300-meter hurdles. His achievements carried over to the University of Florida, where he won multiple awards while establishing school records throughout his time as a student.

Trey was someone Grant looked up to a lot and tried to emulate and even surpass him. Grant’s will to achieve was strengthened by this constructive rivalry. With a supportive yet competitive interaction, Grant once remarked, “I always want to be better than my brother.” Both brothers’ aspirations were elevated to new heights by their respective competitiveness.


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How has Trey Holloway fared in track and field events?

Trey Holloway has several noteworthy scores and achievements over his track career. He evolved into a standout hurdler while attending the University of Florida. Trey broke the school record in the 60-meter hurdles in 7.72 seconds, earning First Team All-American status for the 2014–2015 indoor season. In the 110-meter hurdles, he won a First Team All-American title, capping an equally impressive outdoor run.

Also, Trey claimed the 110 and 55-meter hurdle state titles in high school for Virginia Group AAA. His flexibility in track events was further demonstrated by his participation in the 4×400-meter relay and the 300-meter hurdles. As the bar was set high, Grant followed in Trey’s footsteps.


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Furthermore, even though Trey didn’t gain the same sort of global recognition as Grant, he nevertheless made a significant impact on track and field. Grant was motivated to strive for greatness by his accomplishments, and their father’s support was crucial to their growth. Trey’s high school and college accomplishments laid a strong basis for Grant’s subsequent success in the global arena.

A major motivation in Grant’s career has been his desire to beat Trey’s achievements and feats. Grant’s success at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, where he earned his first international gold medal and his 2021 indoor world record in the 60-meter hurdles, were clear examples of this drive. However, Grant’s ascent to fame has been greatly aided by Trey’s inspiration and their common path. Grant is motivated to strive for brilliance by the Holloway family’s legacy as he gets ready for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.