Kenny Bednarek, aka Kung Fu Kenny, has certainly earned a place in the sun. With the 2023 World Championships underway, Kenny has decided to run more 100m races, speeding ahead. The US Sprinter desires to prove a point in track and field, after missing the gold at the 2022 World Athletics Championships and Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

Sydney McLaughlin, the prodigy of track and field, holds the title of the fastest in 400m. Claiming the crown in both 2020 and 2022, setting record-breaking times, Sydney has a lot to her besides professionalism. Somewhere down the line, both Bednarek and Sydney intersect. 

Kenny Bednarek’s track and field name: ‘The Kung Fu of Spirits’


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Bednarek rocks his calm demeanor, something very unusual for a track personality. Fans have mostly witnessed sprinters or hurdlers celebrating right before the finish line, but he had never portrayed flashy parades of any kind. He later scaled down to 200m and 100m, after running 400m for a while. 

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Kenny’s humility and warmth stunned all. His pre-run gesture resonated with his personality as he bowed and exhibited serenity. He made a statement that said, “I want to have a brand and persona so people know exactly who I am every time I Step out there. Even the bowing represents me because I’m not high energy. I’m calm. These are some of the simple things that show who I am”. 

Kenny also recollects some unfortunate comments he had to face. Despite being a silver medalist, he was surprised to see that commentators didn’t predict his win at all. He politely asked, “Why are you surprised? I’m an Olympic Gold Medalist”. Kenny doesn’t feel respected and claims that the boys he has defeated have a better respect profile than him. 

Sydney McLaughlin and Kenny share the same humility


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With the most humble stature, Sydney McLaughlin never considered her prowess. She gives accountability for all her learnings to God and nothing to herself. Her very own Union Catholic High School principal said, “She’s a wonderful role model enabling our students to grow their gifts and talents and they can be whatever God calls them to be, they can do it”. 

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The students were left awe-inspired when she asked them to believe in their relationship with God and not have any sense of pride. Sydney McLaughlin continues to give all her glory to god, despite having all the glory to herself on the world stage. That’s where both Kenny and McLaughlin proved to be actual humans, keeping track and field aside.

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