After notching several accolades in 2023, US sprinting legend Noah Lyles continues with his triumphant streak in 2024. He clinched the silver medal at the World Athletics Indoor Championship 2024. Recently, Lyles made a social media post to accelerate the visibility of track and field, lagging critically behind other sports at the USATF for the 2024 Olympics Trails in Eugene, Oregon. While he is pitching for its commercial presence, no information has been provided yet from the T&F authority.

Thus, the reigning 2023 World Champion, Noah Lyles issued a complaint that USATF had not advertised the Olympic Trials in 2024. Soon after, he raised the concern, and many track enthusiasts came forth to support him and put the same views regarding the issue.

Track enthusiast welcomes Noah Lyles’ awareness regarding upcoming events


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After noticing the lack of active presence by the USATF regarding the upcoming USATF Olympic trials and other major events, Noah Lyles, a six-time world champion, notified the track authorities through his Twitter account. He captioned the post ,“I haven’t see one commercial for the T&F Olympic trials. Is that just me?.”

The 2024 US Track and Field Olympic Trails are set to take place from June 21 to June 30. For Team USA, it will be the qualifying event for the Summer Olympics in Paris in 2024. Athletes have been preparing to chase their Olympic dreams. In this event, world record holders Christian Coleman and Noah Lyles will face off each other.

Like other athletes, track and field enthusiasts are also eager for the upcoming events.  However, finding no latest details about the events puzzled the track world. Track and field supporters joined Noah over the issue, showing their discontent with the current state of affairs.

Track and field enthusiasts join Noah

Soon after Lyles’s post surfaced on the internet, one of the fans demonstrated his aggravation. He finds it difficult to have the details of the events by commenting, “Well track is literally impossible to watch and none of the athletes, including you, do a very good job of posting upcoming and/or how-to-watch prior to the day of or hour before.”

Yet another fan also showed his exasperation regarding the USATF’s sluggish behaviour about the upcoming main events. Taking to the comment box, he penned, “Neither have I.. I’m on the mailing list however, and there have been emails regarding ticket sales ..”

In addition to that, another user notified his exasperation of not finding the details of track events online, he commented, “Not only that it’s hard to find track events online that are scheduled to be in the US unless it’s the trials, Olympics or diamond league. Which will all be shown on peacock. All other track events are hard to find information for online.”


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While another fan came forth to showcase his displeasure over the same issue, he wrote, “No and it’s ridiculous! That said we just got our tickets today and we can’t wait! There’s no place better to watch world-class athletes than Hayward Field! 💨 🥇”


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In addition to this, another user also displayed his displeasure for not being able to find the schedule of USATF’s upcoming events schedule. He commented, “Because nobody in the States watches the Olympic games. The schedule of disciplines is hard to find, the athletes don’t post it has media prevalence for us to gain rapport with, etc.

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