Paris Olympics 2024: Coached by His Dad, 20-Year-Old Weightlifting Phenom Eyes Podium Spot for Team USA

Published 03/30/2024, 9:30 AM EDT

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At just 20 years old, a rising Georgia native isn’t just another aspiring Olympian. As he puts it, We’re prioritizing the qualifying events, and all of those are senior.” With three consecutive gold medals in the men’s 61 kg event at the Pan American Weightlifting Championships, he’s already made a significant mark on weightlifting. Yet, what truly sets him apart is the person he calls “We” who stands beside him not just as a coach, but as a father for his Olympics journey.

Hampton Morris’s journey in weightlifting began at the age of 10, ignited by a passion that burned brightly from the start. “I’d say he kind of play-acted with me when he was around 9 or 10 years old — he would (mimic) the squat and deadlift and press,” his father said. Now, he stands as the first man from the USA to claim a world champion gold medal in 50 years. With Paris and yonder, what’s next in the offing for him?

Paris Olympics sees a young man’s dream gain steady chrysalis


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Hampton Morris, hailing from Marietta, stands as a Jr. World Champion gold medalist and holds the current American record in his category. His journey, however, began with a different passion for soccer, before his talent in weightlifting emerged. Tripp Morris recalls the early days of his son’s weightlifting journey, noting the remarkable progress even without formal training. With unwavering support, Tripp became Hampton’s coach, immersing himself in the sport to nurture his son’s talent. Together, they embarked on a journey fueled by shared dedication and sacrifice, even converting their home into a gym to facilitate Hampton’s training needs.


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We have everything. There’s nothing here that, no one would come here and train and say, ‘oh, I need this,” Tripp said. It’s got everything.” Tripp’s dedication and tough coaching style played a crucial role in Hampton’s success, as evidenced by his recent climb in the Olympic qualification ranking at the European Championships. For Hampton, the prospect of competing in the Olympics represents the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice, a dream shared not only by himself but also by his supportive family and friends. However, he also shared his future plans with the USA Weightlifting podcast.

Overcoming technical challenges and striving for better

In the podcast, Morris emphasized the necessity of executing each lift with precision and uniformity, stressing the meticulous attention to detail required. Morris candidly acknowledged a recent technical challenge he’s faced, particularly concerning the lockout of his left arm during the bottom phase of his lifts. Despite this obstacle, he remained optimistic, noting the intrigue of his performance at the junior Pan American championships and expressing confidence in the recent improvements he’s felt in his training regimen.


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Regarding the upcoming competition in Saudi Arabia, Morris reiterated his unwavering goal: to flawlessly execute all six of his lifts. Regardless of the outcome, his focus remains steadfast on delivering his best performance and ensuring each lift is executed with precision.


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