24-year-old Gable Stevenson loves to embrace everything that comes his way with open arms. After his gold medal-winning performance at the Tokyo Olympics, the former Minnesota Gopher became an overnight sensation worldwide. However, fans were soon shocked to learn that Stevenson had signed with WWE NXT. While that didn’t pan out as the wrestler had hoped, he may now have another shot at glory, this time on the football field. The wrestling fraternity is fully supportive of his move.

Stevenson’s time with the pro wrestling giant was short-lived amid accusations of being a rip-off of WWE legend Kurt Angle. After Stevenson gave rise to more speculation about his debut in the octagon, it was only a few days ago that his newest venture came to the fore.

Gable Stevenson’s latest venture into the NFL


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About a week ago, it was revealed that the Buffalo Bills had signed the Olympic gold medalist as their new defensive end. While Stevenson doesn’t have any prior experience as a football player, the community also couldn’t fathom what would prompt the NFL side to make such a decision. However, after days of keeping quiet about the matter, Stevenson finally took to social media a few hours ago to share an image of himself in Bills gear. Accompanied by several emojis, it appears that Gable is thankful for the opportunity that has come his way.

After it became common knowledge that Gable was released by the WWE in early May, many fans once again started to debate the chances of seeing Stevenson return to the mat to extend his legacy in amateur wrestling. However, it seems like after months of deliberation, Gable has finally found his calling in another highly contact sport.

Naturally, the wrestling community is still reeling from the news, but the general consensus does seem to be supportive of his choice.

Fans are excited to see how things unfold

Stevenson, being an Olympic-famed wrestler and a two-time NCAA winner, naturally drew a lot of attention from his peers with his post. The post was also liked by Penn State’s four-time NCAA gold medalist Aaron Brooks, who is himself eyeing his maiden Olympic gold in Paris later this year. From Brooks’ action, it seems like the NLWC star is hopeful that Stevenson’s latest move will pan out as per the latter’s dreams. Keeping parity with Brooks’ excitement, one fan also commented, “Lets goooo!!


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Looks great on you bro,” wrote Esteban in the comment section, noting how the football jersey and Stevenson are a natural pair. Stevenson’s former WWE colleagues, like Shelton Benjamin, also expressed their excitement with fire emojis in the comment section.

Considering how Gable made his name in the higher weight brackets during his wrestling career, one might be inclined to believe that he will be bringing a lot to the table for a sport that relies heavily on physical gusto. Taking a cue from that, Timothy thinks Stevenson could well be the toughest defensive player in the NFL in recent times. “Meanest # 61 in NFL history,” reads Tim’s comment.

Stevenson’s physical stature is intimidating, to say the least. His bulky appearance can make any of his opponents look smaller beside him, and one fan also seems to think Gable looks like a tank on the field. “What a unit,” wrote the evidently awestruck fan in the comment section of the original post.


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After Stevenson’s onboarding, the Bills might be looking at higher demand for their products and merchandise as well. “I’ll buy a jersey…” committed a fan, mirroring similar interests scattered across the comments.

Tell us what you think of the new direction that Gable is headed to. Share your opinions with us below!