The rodeo enthusiasts are hooked to the ongoing PBR Team Series and now it is heading towards the end. The Professional Bull Riders (PBR) is one of the major associations in the world of bull riding sport. With its 2023 event, it has created a wheel of excitement amongst enthusiasts. The much-enjoyed event started in July 2023 and is now heading towards its end.

This 11-event season had made a significant impression on the bull-riding world. With eight brilliant teams competing for the title, they have made this one of the most worth-watching events. Now that it is heading towards its end, curiosity spreads over the entire rodeo world about which team will secure the title.

Rodeo World Dives is curious about which team will take away the title at the 2023 PBR


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The PBR team series 2023 started on the 24th and 25th of July in Cheyenne, WY, and is now heading toward its end. The season will end on the 20th and 22nd of October 2023. Every rodeo lover cannot wait to see how the situation will unfold. It has already entered the final month of the competition before the team championship will move forward in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena.

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According to Rodeo Daily, there are still four events left to go before the top positions of the 2023 finals are decided. This is an 11-event season, and it also involves a homestead event which is getting brilliantly hosted by all the eight teams. The teams that have graced the field with their presence are Kansas City Outlaws, Oklahoma Freedom, Austin Gamblers, Nashville Stampede, Texas Rattlers, Carolina Cowboys, Missouri Thunder, and Arizona Ridge Riders. The performance and scores of this team are not far apart.

Performances of the teams participating in the 2023 PBR series 

From Kansas City Outlaws to Arizona Ride Riders, all eight teams are trying their best to maintain a high score for heading toward the finals. However, at the top for now is the Austin Gamblers. They have had an amazing year with 13 event wins and have attained a whopping $725,499 in total winnings. The rodeo champion Jose Vitor Leme has the lead on the team statistics. He has covered 12 bulls out of 17 and three 90-point rides.


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Next in line are the Kansas City Outlaws and Oklahoma Freedom who are not too far from reaching the top. They have 9 event wins and the Kansas City Outlaws have earned total winnings of $583,041. Oklahoma Freedom on the other hand has earned $406,749 winnings.

Now with the season heading towards its end, the competitions in which the teams have to perform are Cowboy Days which will be held from the 22nd to 24th of September at Greensboro, NC. From the 29th of September to the 1st of October, Ridge Rider Days will be held in Glendale, AZ. Rattler Days will be held in Fort Worth, TX from the 6th to the 8th of October.

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With just a span of five weeks left for the team series season, all the teams are gearing up with their eye on the trophy. Now all the excitement is about who will be nabbing the title to take the trophy home.

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