“I Love the Thrill”: Skiing Legend Lindsey Vonn Narrates the Excitement of Being an Extreme Sports Athlete

Published 05/16/2022, 3:00 PM EDT

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In sports, “focus” is the Chemical X for achievements. All athletes require tremendous focus to reach their goals. Athletes, too, are well aware of this requirement and dedicate most of their time honing this skill. Lindsey Vonn said something similar in the promo of her episode of Greatness Code.

The docuseries has been renewed for a second season and premiered through Apple TV+ on May 13. The three-time Olympic medalist appears on the sixth episode of the season. In the episode, Vonn speaks about risks, descending fast, and the experience that it presents.


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What are Vonn’s thoughts when competing in meets?

She has established herself among the greatest in the sport during her skiing career spanning 15 years. And three years into retirement, she has become popular as ever; if anything, her popularity has grown in these three years.

In the latest season of the series, reflecting on some of her epic moments, the alpine skier said, “If I can remember what I was thinking during a race, I probably didn’t win.

It forms the most influential moment of the episode. This statement reflects the amount of focus required to compete in the events. If anything, a substantial amount of focus is required even to descend a course, let alone secure a position.

During the episode, echoing the dangers related to the sport, Vonn says, “I love danger, I love the thrill of having risks.”


“It’s basically adrenaline and the lack of control,” the skier added to emphasize the characteristics that made the sport thrilling for the athlete.

Furthermore, one could only imagine the dread that creeps up the spine as one speeds down a descent. However, it is not an issue for the four-time Olympian.

Stressing on this point, Vonn says, “Fear has never been in the equation for me.”

Moreover, Lindsey said, “I don’t really have in-between I mean they’re all or nothing. So if I’m gonna go fast, I wanna go literally as fast as possible.”

Lindsey Vonn draws parallel between the sport and cars

In the episode, Lindsey compares the experience to a speeding car. She finds the deafening roar of the wind passing by her reminiscent of a speeding car.


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Finding semblance, Vonn adds, “When you’re going fast, you don’t really hear anything. If you’re driving a car in the highway, roll your windows down, it’s a lot of noise. You’re almost in like a vortex. You barely hear your own thoughts.”

When Lindsey announced her plans to retire in early 2019, it caused an uproar in the sporting community, the ripples of which are apparent to this day.


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The athlete competed in her last meet at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019, securing a bronze in the downhill event. Furthermore, the athlete has won 82 World Cups, 20 crystal globes, and 43 downhill events.



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