Shaun White is one of the best snowboarders of his generation. The Olympian gold medalist, however, tends to let his mischievous side out from time to time. White’s recent Instagram post shows the snowboarder breaking all the “rules” of the swimming pool.

Apart from his impeccable snowboarding skills, Shaun White is also known for his entertainment skills. When he isn’t chasing the thrill on his snowboard, he is either busy with appearing on the big screen or mesmerizing people with his guitar. Always on a mission to entertain people, White shared another hilarious video on his Instagram.

Shaun White breaks the rules


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Recently, Shaun White took to his Instagram to upload a video of himself snowboarding down a slope and through a water body to stop near the gravel. White could be heard laughing very proudly after finishing his stunt.


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After crossing the pool-like water patch with his snowboard, White made a joke out of it in the caption. He wrote, “No running at the pool! Me: 😏” Once the video was uploaded, it didn’t take long for White’s fans to flood the comments sections.

Fans react to the hilarious video


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Soon after the post was uploaded, White’s fans made their way to the comments section. Appreciating the snowboarder’s skills, a fan wrote, “You are mesmerizing on a board!! Awesome! Goes for your last story too!!❤️❤️❤️❤️” Actress Zoey Deutch also commented, “i can’t. my anxiety can’t.”

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Calling out the troublemaker, a humorous fan wrote, “Shawn you are just a riot, pure Fun 😂” Another one added, “This guy just wakes up and does cool Shaun white sh*t.” While most of the fans were enjoying the video, the critics didn’t miss out on the details in the video. One of them wrote, “The board is now scratched and ripped up on the bottom though.” Another one added, “Looks like he already did it once or somebody cause there were already marks.”


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Whether the board is scratched or not, it is safe to say the hilarious video served its purpose.