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Shaun White’s Mother Has a Special Request for His Million-Dollar Worth Son on Mother’s Day

Published 05/07/2022, 10:00 PM EDT

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As May 8th is celebrated as Mother’s Day internationally, Shaun White’s mother has a special request for him. To no surprise, the athlete is very close to his mother, often referring to her as his pillar of strength. Cathy White raised the 3-time Olympic champion and has always stood by him.

Shaun’s mom is like his best friend. From a young age itself, his mother always accompanied him to snowboarding tournaments and competitions, giving him all the encouragement he needed. Even now, she accompanied White to the Oscars as his date. The two twinned in matching outfits and had a gala time together.


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Therefore, when Shaun’s mom had a one-of-a-kind request for him, he was willing to even go the extra mile to make sure his mom was happy.

Shaun White is ready to go above and beyond for his mom

The Jimmy Kimmel show had a special small episode for Mother’s Day 2022. The episode featured many celebrities reading out some texts from their mom. While some texts were adorable, others were quirky and fun.

Shaun White also read out a text from his mom. His mom had a special request for the snowboarding GOAT. However, the request had nothing to do with her son’s sport, but more so with his celebrity friends!


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“Hey, do you know anyone who can get me to the PitBull concert on Sunday in Chula Vista. Maybe call Tony Robbins,” read the message that Cathy White sent. White, who loves his mother unconditionally, did not mind making some calls to get his mother’s wish granted.

“Yeah let me call Tony Robbins and score you some Pitbull tickets,” laughed the 35-year-old snowboarder.

Shaun reveals his parents are behind the person that he is


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Shaun White once revealed how his parents always adored him and let him follow his dreams. Notably, White had a heart condition, but his parents never restricted him from doing anything. This is how he followed his brother Jesse into skateboarding, and ultimately discovered his love for snowboarding.

“They really let me find my own limitations. So, that’s kind of why I feel like I’m so athletic now and just did whatever I wanted to do because they never put that limit on me,” said Shaun.


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Shaun’s father Roger White is a surfer, and hence, always hoped that Shaun would become one too. But when he realized that Shaun was passionate about snowboarding, he did everything in his power to provide the best for his son and help him become the snowboarding icon he is today.

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