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“Apparently He Is Huge”: Serena Williams Once Narrated a Hilarious Story to Shaun White From a Wedding

Published 07/20/2022, 9:15 AM EDT

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Tennis GOAT Serena Williams and snowboarding legend Shaun White are probably two of the most renowned Olympians of modern times. Although they have achieved unparalleled success in their respective careers, their stardom goes beyond the sports world. Hence, the story Serena is narrating to Shaun is also someone who is a well-known athlete.

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While Shaun White has won three Olympic golds, Serena Williams is a four-time Olympic gold medalist. However, it’s not about the medal comparison between the two because both represent different sports. 


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Serena Williams narrates a story to Shaun White

In one of their meeting at the CBS studio, Serena started narrating a funny story about a total stranger to Shaun and to the others in the room. She said, “Yesterday I was late. I went to see this guy who is described as the “German Bruce Springsteen.” Then she told the snowboarding legend his name, “Herbert Gronemeyer” and asked if he has ever heard this name, which he denied.

So Serena continued with the story and further added, “Well apparently he is huge I met him actually at a wedding and I was seated next to him. And people said do you know who you are seated next to I said Herb. Do you know what Herbert does? Well I think he is a magician and they were like gail he is huge, he is Bruce Springsteen. So then I went and google him and when you type Herbert he is first one that comes up. So anyway I wanted to see him for myself.”


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Who is “German Bruce Springsteen?”


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Well, as Serena mentioned, his name is Herbert Gronemeyer, and he is the best-selling German recording artist of all time. Hence, the title of “German Bruce Springsteen.” Although he is a skilled musician, he admires English and American rock music. Herbert mentioned that The Beatles, The Doors, and The Rolling Stones were his inspirations growing up.


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Furthermore, the 66-year-old man is also a producer, actor, and household name in Germany. However, until that wedding, he was probably a magician to the tennis GOAT Serena Williams.

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