“Catching Better Waves Than Me”: Human’s Furry Friend Goes on a Surfing Adventure Leaving Fans Spellbound

Published 07/10/2023, 12:48 PM EDT

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Surfing is not only enjoyed by people, but dogs also enjoy surfing. The human’s loyal friend dogs also possess an intrinsic knowledge of surfing and swimming. A few days ago, the lifeguard and swim instructor Domino Pianezzi took his furry four-legged friend on a surfing adventure. 

Many people think dog surfing is unreal or just surreal, but no. Dog surfing is actually possible with an experienced coach, lifeguard, and necessary equipment, and dogs can enjoy the fun of surfing too. There was also a dogs surfing contest at Noosa festival, Australia, where many dog owners enjoyed competitions of these adorable creatures. A video is going viral from May 2023 where a dog can be seen showing off his surfing skills, and fans are going crazy on the video.

Dog flaunting surfing skills in calm waves


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In May, an Instagram handle, ‘Surferofinsta,’ shared a charming video. The video shows how this little animal is enjoying the surfs and vining around other surfers. His instructor can be seen holding the board before the waves came and shooting it off along with the mini waves. The dog surfer even caught speed after going midway through surfing, but the shocking fact is his amazing balance. Surfing enthusiasts on social media loved this video.

Even after catching a good speed of surfing, the dog does not fall or even tremble on the board. He stays well-balanced, enjoying the waves just like a professional surfer. This has stunned the netizens across the globe. The dog professionally handles his board and surfs through the waves has driven the surfing fans crazy.


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Netizens Reacting on four-legged surfer

Fans across the globe have reacted to this dog’s adorable surfing and wrote many heartfelt messages. His balance and momentum were certainly commendable, so surfing fans took to social media to express their appreciation. An Instagram user commends dog’s surfing by saying, “Everyone saying that the dog looks afraid, he’s not. I surf this area all the time and see this guy and his dog from time to time. This dog loves this shit.” The dog’s professionalism in surfing was evident to everyone, and another user wrote, “Not sure how I feel about this but will say it’s impressive how he naturally shifted his weight.” A user wrote a heartwarming message for the dog: “The most astonishing thing in this video is no one was paddling out on the shoulder.” Some netizens were calling this dog fearful, so a surfing fan reacted to them regarding this video and said, “I was scared my first wave too, what you didn’t see was how happy that dog was to be out surfing before he caught the wave.” A fan gave a hilarious reaction saying, “A dog catching better waves than me…”

“World’s Biggest” Surfing Dog Championship Set to Highlight Iconic Noosa Surfing Festival


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Considerably the video shows that everyone can be a surfer with proper guidance. This dog stunned the whole surfing community with his amazing skills. There is another video of a baby seal enjoying his surfing in the sea that has also won the internet.

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