Unlike Any of Their Natural Habitats, Surfing Genius Kelly Slater and F1 Megastar Lewis Hamilton Seen Smiling Together in a Resurfaced Picture

Published 11/26/2022, 5:15 PM EST

Surfing is a sport that comes with a lot of thrills but is also dangerous. Kelly Slater, who is considered as the greatest of all time in surfing, has almost had no rivals in his game. With 11 World Surf League (WSL) titles and 55 event titles, no one comes near his record. Slater, who is currently 50 years old, still has no competition for his surfing skills.

Surfing and Formula One are both thrilling sports, but they are also extremely dangerous. Although Kelly Slater and Lewis Hamilton share similarities by competing in two different extreme sports, they are also good friends.


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Kelly Slater and Lewis Hamilton come together

An old Twitter picture shows Kelly Slater, Lewis Hamilton, Kai Lenny, Molly Payne, and others together.

Slater and Hamilton are good friends, as Hamilton also shares an interest in the sport of surfing. Outside of racing, Hamilton’s one of favorite sport is surfing, which he did reveal on his Instagram account.



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Hamilton also describes how he loves to just be in the waves of the ocean. It just frees his mind from all the stress he has. Whenever Hamilton needs a break, he just goes surfing.

Despite their parallels in the sport, they both stand at the top of their leagues. Hamilton was once very thankful to Slater for a certain reason.

A legend admiring legend Kelly Slater

Lewis Hamilton once paid tribute via Twitter to surfing legend Kelly Slater. He admired his dedication and contribution to the sport of surfing.


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“Kelly probably doesn’t know this but he changed my life for the better. I want you all to know how great of a human being this man is. I am forever grateful for the time you have given me, for the insight and your passion for the waves. Thank you @kellyslater.”

For Hamilton, Slater has been a living inspiration. The seven-time Formula One champion is fond of Slater’s surfing career. He has also motivated Hamilton in a lot of ways in his F1 career. It’s a rare sight to see two athletes who are at the top of their respective fields recognizing and appreciating each other.


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