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“It Bit My Board”: Hawaiian Surfer Suffered a Horrifying Wild Boar Attack in One of the Most Bizarre Wildlife Encounters in 2021

Published 01/04/2023, 12:00 PM EST

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Surfing is a dangerous sport, subject to attacks by aquatic creatures who can get hostile at any time. Most surfers are prepared for this eventuality. However, what if the animal that attacks you is so bizarre, it would simply not occur to you?  This is exactly what a Hawaiian surfer Ingrid Seiple experienced.

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In a 2021 interview, Seiple talked about the terrifying incident in detail. In an interview with KITV, Seiple described how she was attacked near Kaena Point, Oahu, and what she did to get out of the situation.


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Ingrid Seiple’s scary surfing incident 

The surfer narrated how she was paddling deeper when she noticed something floating. While initially, she felt it was a monk seal, later she thought it was a floating log. “I was ignoring it”, Seiple mentioned. 

However, later, what she considered to be a log suddenly raised its head out of the water. “It started swimming toward me like crazy”, Seiple recalled. It was then that Seiple realized it was a black boar! Speaking of how she was frightened, Seiple told how she tried to paddle farther away. 


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Her efforts at paddling away didn’t show much results as the animal kept getting closer. At one point, the animal reached up so close that there was less than 2 feet distance between them. Seiple then described how she tried to use her surfing board to save herself from the deadly attack. However, this proved fruitless as Seiple explained, “ It bit my board.”  

Later, Seiple swam underwater to get away from the animal who was trying to reach for her. Continuing, she said, “The thing got confused and was paddling out to the sea.” Seiple felt that the boar was injured. This is not the only time animals have attacked surfers.

Another surfer’s deadly encounter with a wild animal 

Another shocking incident took place with a surfer named Jared Trainor. An experienced surfer Trainor once got attacked by a shark in 2022. He narrated how the shark’s jaws had trapped his leg and his surfing board. Luckily, Trainor was rescued from the shark’s dangerous clutches. Post his recovery, he did not turn away his love for the sport. He says, “I love surfing so much that I’m hoping this brings a newfound appreciation”.

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Trainor and Ingrid’s incidents once again prove how important it is to maintain caution while surfing. As surfing fans, we hope that surfers aren’t harmed by wild animals and dangerous waves in the future. Have you also experienced any dangerous situations while surfing? Share in the comments section. 


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