“Going Up to the Mountain”: Surfing Dream in Swiss Alps Comes True for Pro Big Wave Surfer

Published 04/07/2023, 9:39 AM EDT

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Switzerland is a country that has much to offer in terms of its scenic beauty, sports activities, and tourism spots. The country with great sportspersons like Roger Federer also boasts of the Alps, which is a great location for skiing. However, a big wave surfer from Portugal fulfilled his long dream of surfing in those snowy mountains before he went skiing. While skiing is a common enough activity there, the surfing spot at Alaia Bay was truly like no other surfing place.

Nic von Rupp, a Pro surfer from Portugal has previously braved some of the tallest waves at Nazare Beach, Costa de Prata, an incredibly famous surfing spot. However, rekindling his “very strong relation with Switzerland,” he recently visited Alaia Bay to fulfill his long dream of surfing in the wave pool. Here’s more about it.

Surfing star finally experiences what he long wished for


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The mountains of Switzerland are breathtaking, and the Alps have historically been the subject of many interesting incidents. But very few have had the dream of going up there to surf. Even fewer have actually achieved it. So when Nic von Rupp finally did it, he posted about it on YouTube. And the joy and satisfaction on his face when he said, “It’s such a nice day. A couple of hours of surfing… Now, the only thing that’s missing is going up to the mountain to hit some slopes” was just unreal.


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In the beginning, he said on YouTube, “We are in Switzerland. We’re here to surf in Alaia Bay. It’s been my dream to come to Alai Bay to surf here”. Revealing his connection to the country, he continued, “Most of the people don’t know, but I got a very strong relationship with Switzerland…” The surfer then says how he visited here to his cousin’s home as a kid, and he always looked at the mountains and the lake at the bottom of it. It always fascinated him.


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Nic von Rupp then proceeds to surf inside the pool with the founder of the Bay, Adam Bonvin. Rupp’s dream trip was made possible by Binvon who created the wave pool with the perfect conditions for the Swiss Surfing Community. The man who has surfed the gigantic waves of Nazare, such dangerous that it once claimed the life of a Brazilian legend Marcio Freire, found the Alaia Bay a pleasant change from his usual routine.


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The beauty of Switzerland still captivates him like no other

Nic von Rupp surfs in those waters for around 2-3 hours whilst the mountains overlooked him on all sides. It was definitely a far cry from all the notable surfing beaches around the world, to surf amidst a landlocked, snowy, central European country. Rupp was always mesmerized by the beauty of the country, but his passion for surfing took him away to someplace with waves. But now that he returned from this trip, he made the most of it.


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After he was done surfing, Nic von Rupp and his girlfriend Matilde finally went skiing in the snowy mountains to top off their surfing experience in Switzerland. A dream-come-true moment for von Rupp truly turned out to be a spectacular experience. Exactly what he wished for.

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