Is Carissa Moore's success on the waves partly due to the unwavering support of her husband, Luke?

“I’m so happy with how everything turned out!” Few names are as well-known in the world of professional surfing as Carissa Moore’s. The Olympic gold medalist prominent for her athletic ability and commitment to the sport, has won multiple world crowns among her many honors. Her prowess as a surfer, nevertheless, is hidden by a sweet marriage to Luke Untermann. Curiosity in her personal life, especially her connection with Untermann, has grown as people await her performance at the 2024 Olympics.

The story of Carissa Moore and Luke Untermann is not an ordinary high school romance. Their time together has been full of common goals, difficulties, and an in-depth understanding of one another’s ambitions. The pair’s experience provides an insight into a relationship forged on trust, from their island-themed wedding to managing the demands of public life.

All about Carissa Moore’s husband Luke Untermann


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Luke Untermann is well-known for more reasons than just being a partner of a surfer who holds a world championship. Being a prosperous businessman, he has forged his route. He co-founded the Hawaii-based plant-based frozen dessert firm Banán with other buddies. This endeavor shows Untermann’s dedication to encouraging sustainable living and healthy living, which is consistent with Moore’s and his ideals.

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Furthermore, it was at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii, that Untermann and Moore first became connected during their high school years. Over time, their bond deepened, and in 2016 they became engaged. On December 16, 2017, they got married on Oahu’s North Shore in a gorgeous ceremony with an island theme. About 300 people, many of them professional surfers, attended the ceremony, which mingled heartfelt emotions with a laid-back Hawaiian ambiance.

Numerous unique elements that mirrored their personality and lifestyle were included on their wedding day. They took their vows beneath an altar that Luke had constructed, with Carissa donning an understated yet stunning outfit. It was even more spectacular because a friend of the World Surf League oversaw the event. With The Knot, Carissa disclosed, “It was a huge dreamy luau on the North Shore, and Luke and I are so grateful.” However, the couple have come a long way.


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The surfing legend’s engagement sparked deep reflection on purpose

For Carissa Moore, becoming engaged marked more than just a romantic milestone—it was a time for deep reflection. She discussed how the engagement drove her to reevaluate her identity and purpose outside of surfing in a conversation with Red Bull. “I just wanted to know who I was when I walked down the aisle,” she stated. Moore needed to reflect on this to strike a balance between her personal and professional goals.


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Moore explores these themes of purpose and self-discovery in her 2020 documentary, “RISS. A Film About More Love with Carissa Kainani Moore,” which is directed by Peter Hamblin. The movie provides a close-up view of Moore’s journey route, showcasing her challenges and victories in and out of the water. “My goal was to peel back the layers and show the person behind the athlete,” Hamblin added in a chat with Variety. The documentary explores how Moore’s conception of happiness changed over time, stressing that genuine happiness stems from community and interaction with others rather than merely career success.

Moore’s thinking on purpose extended beyond her time as an engaged woman. They have shaped her outlook on life and competitiveness and have been a recurring theme throughout her career. Moore has stated that she intends to pull out competitive surfing to concentrate on various facets of her life, such as beginning a family with Untermann, as she gets ready for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. “I feel like I’m a multidimensional human being like we all are, and I would love to be a mom and start a family,” she continued. Her choice highlights her desire to live a balanced life that places a high value on personal satisfaction and professional success. Thus, Moore’s life narrative extends to her incredible history as she competes in the coming Olympics, proving that true success entails both personal and professional accomplishments.