“Wish It Wasn’t Over”: American Big-Wave Surfer Makes a Heartfelt Admission After Competing With ‘The Best’ in Hawaii

Published 01/25/2023, 7:30 PM EST

Surfing provides an adrenaline rush, both to the surfer and the spectator. Big wave surfing is another facet of the sport that creates a thrill. Talking about surfers, it’s impossible not to mention Kai Lenny who is leading the new generation floaters. He frequently posts pictures and videos on his social media, talking about his achievement and goals.

Recently, Lenny shared a video on his Facebook, projecting his incredible acumen while performing with other surfers in The Eddie Aikau.

Lenny shows off his surfing day


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The Hawaiian waterman recently took to his Facebook to share a small video where he was competing in a Big Wave contest. He captioned it with, “Still processing what an incredible day that was, I wish it wasn’t over. It made me realize how much I love Big Wave Surfing and to compete with the best in the world”. 


Just a couple of days ago, he posted another video and shared his excitement to participate in The Eddie Aikau. Eventually, the surfers who took part in the contest had to surf from Mahalo to the Aikau Ohana. As per his post, Luke Shepardson won the game and Lenny ended up in 5th place.


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Fans reacted to Kai Lenny’s new video


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Fans applauded Lenny for showcasing a greater view of the sport. They even shared their thoughts on his latest achievements. One of his fans wished him and said, “Great surfing Kai, well done, Surf On Man “. Talking about his technicalities one wrote, “I was amazed by your switch to goofy in the middle of a wave!”. Another user named Mike Ross said, “It was awesome to watch from Canada with my son who is a huge fan! Hopefully we can watch in person one day soon! Always miss the big surf when we visit Maui”. 

Indeed the sport looks more fun and filling when one watches it live. As aptly put by a fan, “Watching it on TV and watching it from the beach doesn’t do it justice. I have seen it both ways”. Although he stood 5th in the contest, his credibility shows that Lenny is not very far from his next big achievement!


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This 7-time SUP World Champion has indeed some more milestones to achieve. And definitely, numerous mind-boggling performances are on their way. His fans are waiting. Are you too?

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