Harry Styles Has Introduced His Own Slang, and it Includes Legendary Swimmer Michael Phelps

Published 05/10/2022, 3:35 PM EDT

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Courtesy of his illustrious career, Michael Phelps is a household name in the United States, one that brought pride and honor to his nation with his heroics in the Olympic pool. With his work, Phelps drew many youngsters closer to swimming. And among many who recognize his greatness, celebrity artist Harry Styles is a distinct name.

The Hollywood star’s love for the sport is not new. In fact, he swims outdoors so regularly that when he was offered an interview in the pool, he was up for it.

Lou Stoppard interviewed Harry Styles for Better Homes and Garden Magazine smack in the middle of London city, in a public swimming arena. It was here that Styles made a subtle reference to the Olympic legend Michael Phelps while in conversation.


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Harry Styles uses Michael Phelps as a metaphor

Michael Phelps is the most legendary swimmer of all time. With a total of 28 Olympic medals, he has proved that he was made for swimming. Therefore, he is often used as a metaphor to describe anyone with good swimming skills.


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Lou Stoppard interviewed Harry Styles at an open public swimming area in London. Styles was at ease as he quickly changed into his swimming shorts and jumped into the water. Meanwhile, Stoppard put on some google and a swimming cap, going strictly by the rules.

“All right, Michael Phelps,” commented Styles as Stoppard dived into the water. Styles himself decided to keep his Gussi sunglasses on and swam with an effortless breaststroke.

 “That’s the thing with a swim,” he said. “It’s the one thing you never regret.”

Styles has loved swimming ever since he started doing it at a small age. After he discovered the joy of swimming in cold water, there was no turning back. It’s one of his favorite things to do in his free time, and it also allows him to clear his mind.


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When did Michael Phelps start swimming?

Michael Phelps started swimming when he was 7 years old. He saw his two older sisters swim and wanted to try the sport for himself. Moreover, he was quite energetic as a kid and his mother thought swimming would be a good thing to invest all his energy in.

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At age 10, he realized his passion for the sport and joined the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. Starting early, Phelps went on to dominate the sport for 2 decades while winning 23 gold medals, the most ever earned by a swimmer.


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