The legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg had a history with Rap God, Eminem. From making the best-selling records to having a bond beyond profession, Snoopy has experienced it all with Eminem. Wherever they go, they influence others in hip-hop, and a recent example of this is the American athlete, Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps, the swimming GOAT is one of the most famous athletes. He has friends in almost every industry, especially in music and everyone admires his legacy of swimming. Apart from his swimming, Phelps finds soothe in music and is a huge fan of Eminem and his work. He also admires his friend, Snoop Dogg, and the duo calls themselves ‘Homies’. Snoop and Phelps share a great bond and recently, the duo posed together which garnered great fan reactions.

Snoop Dogg poses with the Phelps family


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Snoop Dogg is one of the famous personalities who are well aware of mental issues and advocates people about the same. His own daughter tried to take her life after dealing with problems, but fortunately, it didn’t go as she wanted. So, the rapper has personal experience in such things. Later with a social media post, he was able to help Phelps on which the swimmer commented, “Love this, Thx homie.” 


This time, Snoop Dogg posted a picture on Twitter on 28th August where he was seen with Michale Phelps and Nicole Phelps. It was like family time and the rapper appreciated Phelps’s career by writing, “With Goat” and tagging Michael Phelps. Fans were delighted to see the homies together. They dropped immense comments on the post. 

Fans are astounded to see Michael Phelps happy with Snoopy

Michael Phelps was going through a rough time due to his mental health issues. His fans were also concerned about it and were waiting for the faded smile. When they saw the glooming smile on the athlete’s face, they were over the moon.

A Twitter user expressed inner delight and said,


Seeing the GOAT duo, a fan commented, 

The GOATS collab thrilled everyone, and a user  said,

A user noticed Snoop’s hoodie with an NFT picture and said,


 Another fan made a hilarious comment saying about hoodie and said, 



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Many more comments could be seen expressing their thrill after seeing the legends together.

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Michael Phelps is a great fan of music and has a witty humor that makes him compatible with Snoop Dogg. He even attended a music concert when one of his friends, who is also a great musician, Ernest Keith Smith invited him. And for the hip-hop genre, the athlete shares a great bond with Dogg.

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