“Number One in the Country”- Michael Phelps’ Reveals the Unknown Story of His Sister Who Inspired Him to Become the Swimming Legend

Published 04/16/2022, 10:45 AM EDT

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Sometimes certain things come naturally to us, but more often we are inspired by those around us. The swimming legend Michael Phelps didn’t have to seek that inspiration, for his sister, Whitney Phelps, was already a swimming champion. Whatever greatness Michael has achieved in his lifetime, the credit definitely goes to his middle sister.

When Michael Phelps finished fifth at the 2000 Olympics, there would have been plenty of options available for him. He could have led an average career, with once-in-while Olympic appearances and few medals at the world championship. Instead, he chose to be not just great but the greatest of all time.


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Who inspired the swimming legend?

Today, Michael Phelps is an inspiration for millions of people. However, growing up, his biggest inspiration was his sisters. Since his first encounter with swimming, he has always emulated his sister a lot, and they have played a major role in shaping him as an athlete.


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Talking about how his swimming journey started, Michael said, “Whitney, my middle sister, was number three in the world and number one in the country. And I saw her doing these all cool things, and I was like I want to do that. Like I want to go to the Rome and swim there and go to world championships and have a chance to go to the Olympics.”

Perhaps it was a perfect home for someone who wanted to be as great as Michael is today. It was like fate wanted him to accomplish all this, so it gifted him with super sisters.


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Michael Phelps wishes happy birthday to the sister

It’s Whitney Phelps’ birthday today, so the baby brother has shared a birthday story for his sister Whitney Phelps on his Instagram account. The two share a very special bond and she has always been there for him. Sometimes in the forefront, sometimes guiding him through tough times.


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It’s indeed true that everything starts at home. Michael was certainly a lucky man to have been surrounded by such amazing people. Although in the end, it all comes down to your individual efforts and what you do on a particular day. However, the people in your life are always the reason why you achieve or don’t achieve what you seek.


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