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“Refused To Protect Women”: Caitlyn Jenner Voices Against NCAA After Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas’ Controversy

Published 04/10/2022, 8:48 AM EDT

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Perhaps one of the most prominent figures who has spoken up about the Lia Thomas issue is Caitlyn Jenner. Even before Lia won the 500-yard event, Jenner pointed out her participation was unfair. The celebrity has been very open about her opinion regarding the champion swimmer.

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After her NCAA win, Caitlyn Jenner flooded Twitter with many comments on the athlete. She blamed the NCAA for its rules. She believes Lia’s participation is unfair to all the “biological women” out there who have worked so hard for this moment.


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Recently, she has penned down a piece for the New York Post. Here, she has opened up about being an athlete herself and how the Thomas situation should be dealt with.

Caitlyn Jenner calls out NCAA in a new piece

Jenner herself is a transgender woman. More importantly, Caitlyn Jenner was an Olympic athlete. Therefore, she knows how hard athletes work and train. And all of this comes down to that one moment of performance.

She revealed she was heartbroken to see Lia Thomas win the event. She does not blame the situation on Lia but on the National Collegiate Athletic Association.


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“The NCAA should have done the honorable thing to protect these women. It is their obligation to do so,” wrote Jenner.

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Caitlyn believes that the NCAA treated all their female athletes unfairly by allowing Thomas to compete at the championships. They failed to protect the rights of female athletes.

“Yet, the NCAA caved to the woke mob and refused to protect women, on all levels. They failed to do exactly what their bylaws mandate.”

Caitlyn even pointed out the mandate of the NCAA, calling them out and pointing out their mistake. According to Title IX, the NCAA is mandated to protect its female athletes against any discrimination. However, Jenner is of the opinion that this was not done at all in this situation. ‘

Caitlyn Jenner understands Lia Thomas’ stand


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However, Jenner also knows the immense amount of struggle that Lia has faced because of the issue. She knows this because she herself stood alone against the world during the time of her transition.

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“That is why the case of transgender NCAA swimmer Lia Thomas has resonated so strongly with me. I have always said that Lia should live her life as authentically as possible,” wrote Caitlyn.

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But, she believes that along with Lia Thomas, the biologically female athletes should also have the right to live their lives authentically. Notably, Jenner will soon travel to Capitol Hill to take up this issue with the officials.


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