Jamaican athletes have dominated the sprinting events of most track and field meets. And it includes the Olympics as well. In the women’s category, Elaine Thompson-Herah and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce are two of the most dominant athletes in the sport.

Therefore, the two sprinters started an eventful meet at the World Athletic Championships in Eugene, Oregon. Both athletes have secured the first position in their respective heats in the 100m event. With the finals scheduled today, people will soon find out how they perform in it.


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Elaine Thompson-Herah and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce don colored hair at the WCH Oregon22

After the heats of the 100m event, Fraser-Pryce and Thompson-Herah have faced criticism from spectators. According to some, the athletes have copied the style of another sprinter. The athlete that people are speculating the Jamaican athletes have imitated is American sprinter, Sha’carri Richardson.

People likened Fraser-Pryce’s hair color to Richardson’s at the meet. Moreover, some took to Twitter to point out the similarities between Thompson-Herah’s hairstyle and color seen on the track on Saturday with the current hairstyle of the US sprinter.

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However, only a fraction of the crowd is drawing parallels between the two sprinters and Richardson. Others have come forward since then in support of both sprinters. Sports enthusiasts and fans mostly had wonderful things to say about their hair colors.


And some even came to defend the athletes from the people who viciously trolled them on the social media platform. Many fans pointed out that it was not the first time Fraser-Pryce had appeared for a meet donning a different color than her original hair. Moreover, the athlete had changed her hair color multiple times.

Many people anticipate witnessing her changing color during the different meets. And although it was a first for Thompson-Herah to attend a meet displaying her colored hair, it only has a little semblance to her US opponent’s fiery hair. However, she was not the recipient of the flurry of criticism dotting the platform.

Twitter users react to Thompson-Herah and Fraser-Pryce’s hair color

As it turns out, most people targeted Fraser-Pryce on Twitter to draw parallels with Richardson. However, the athlete received as much support for her hairdo as she got trolled, if not more. Some even pointed out that the sprinter always colored her hair, even before Richardson entered the global meets.

Let’s check how fans and followers of each athlete reacted to the incident.

People also noticed Thompson-Herah’s colored hair.

However, there is one tweet that triggered a Twitter feud.

Following this, fans of Fraser-Pryce swarmed the account in support of the sprinter. And some of the replies are straight-out hilarious.

However, some were in awe with the athletes’ hair colors.


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Even the official page of the governing body has good things to say about Fraser-Pryce’s hair.


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What are your opinions on their hair colors and hairstyles? Do you think they were imitating the US athlete?

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