Noah Lyles commands immense respect in the realm of track and field, and his sartorial picks are increasingly becoming the talk of the town. This exceptional athlete from America has taken the sports world by storm with his incredible record-breaking performances that have surpassed even the most legendary athletes. Lyles achieved a historic win at the New York City Grand Prix, clocking in under 20 seconds in the 200 meters. With this race, he surpassed the 20-second mark set by Usain Bolt for the 35th time in his career. Even the fashion industry is taking notice of this year’s speedster, who happens to be the third-fastest in the history of the distance.

Lyles has a reputation for wearing quirky clothing that reflects his flair of style. His choice of outfits garners attention and appreciation, further solidifying his status as a rising star in both spheres. The center of attention from the track and field icon has once again made its shift with his recent appearance.

Track and field hero turns fashion icon


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Lyles finished the race 0.42 seconds ahead of the rest of the field this Sunday asserting his dominance in the event. The fashionista’s latest appearance at a celebratory meet-up on the London tracks outran the attention of the athletic spotlight. The track and field athlete added a post on his Instagram wearing a white fit paired with white sneakers from the Adidas Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto collection. He captioned the post, “We are the New Wave.” 


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In the two pictures of his appearance, a stadium filled with an audience can be seen. He walked while fans swarmed around him. His layered lavish look included a white tee with an off-white jacket paired with the trendy drop-crotch pants. He completed the look with matching white sunglasses, socks, and Adidas shoes. Similar to his sprint streaks, the sprinter made a striking impression with his confident stride and coordinated attire back in his 2021 Met Gala debut.

Lyles posted the pictures from the evening earning admiration from the crowd for his fashion choice. He added a gold Omega Constellation watch, gold fist cufflinks, and a chain with a closed fist made of pave diamonds to complete his look. The same year, he even shared a peculiar hobby as part of his training. During his rise to fame in an interview he confessed to being “heavily into fashion.” Despite his most recent athletic feat, fans are currently obsessing over his recent Adidas attire.


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Track and field Champ gets showered with compliments

While athletic performance and statistics often dominate sports discussions, sprinter Lyles makes sure to dress his best when he reaches the top of the mountain. His fans jumped to the comments section just as he put up the pictures. A fan declared him the “Uncrowned King of Track,” while praising his competence another wrote, “Running the show.” One close observer pointed out,  “This man really repoing addidas well. First the gucci colab and now Yamamoto.” Another commenter said, “Changing the game.” While another comment read, “What a great memory for the youth.” A hyped compliment looked something like-“The swagger LET’S GO!!!”

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The topic of fashion is not typically discussed in the sporting world while it’s obvious it only takes one trendsetter to break the stereotype. It’s interesting to watch his admirers hype him as someone said, “It’s the drip Game for me!!”. The voices continued to join in, and one wrote, “Such a legend.” Lyles serves as an inspiration for others to pursue their passion and professional commitments.

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