Years After Cheering On His Olympic Dream, Noah Lyles Has the Perfect Anniversary Wish for Long Time Support System

Published 08/06/2023, 2:53 PM EDT

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US sprinter Noah Lyles is basking in a dual celebration. It extends beyond his astonishing feat of surpassing Usain Bolt’s record for covering most 200-meter tracks in under 20 seconds. Alongside this remarkable athletic achievement, Lyles is also rejoicing in a personal milestone – his one-year anniversary with his partner, Junelle Bromfield.

The convergence of these two occasions has ignited a wave of emotion among fans who have been following Lyles’ journey both on the track and in his personal life. The accomplishment of breaking a legendary record combined with the expression of love and commitment in celebrating an anniversary has resonated profoundly with Lyles’ supporters.

The Olympian’s forever journey with Junelle Bromfield


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In a world often focused solely on athletic prowess, Lyles’ decision to openly share and celebrate his relationship milestone brings a refreshing and humanizing aspect to his public persona. On Saturday, Lyles shared a TikTok video collage on his Instagram with the caption: “Could be forever!” The images depicted the couple immersed in joyful moments, capturing them engaged in taking selfies, and playfully enjoying each other’s company. Among the pictures, there was also an image showcasing the couple proudly displaying their creatively designed nail art.


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Lyles is looking forward to his journey with Junelle Bromfield, who is a distinguished track and field athlete, renowned for her representation of the women’s 4 X 400m relay team at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.


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Bromfield clinched the bronze medal for her home nation, Jamaica, in this discipline in the 2020 Olympics. She also secured the silver medal at the 2022 World Championships and achieved the gold medal at the 2022 World Indoor Championships, both in the same 4 X 400m relay discipline, once again showcasing her remarkable prowess as a Jamaican representative.

Fans rally to commemorate couple’s 1st anniversary


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As the news of their anniversary spread, fans took to social media to shower Lyles and Bromfield with adoration, calling the duo their “favorite couple.” “I don’t care what anyone else has to say, but this is my favorite couple and ‘couple of the year’. Blessings on more years to be celebrate”, said one fan of the couple.

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Another fan asked Lyles to treat Bromfield well, writing, “Take care of our girl, she has been a gem from high school up, always determined and aways focussed. Congratulations to you both!” Many fans also started asking Lyles when he plans to put a ring on Bromfield’s finger. One fan said that the ring will be coming after the world championship: “The ring coming after WC. Shine bright like a diamond.”


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The 2023 World Athletics Championships will take place from August 19 to 27, 2023, at the National Athletics Centre in Budapest, Hungary. Time alone will reveal whether the fans’ anticipation of an engagement between Lyles and Bromfield will indeed materialize.


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