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Sha’Carri Richardson Reveals Special Secret Behind Bejeweled Outfit at Pre Classic

Published 05/30/2022, 11:48 AM EDT

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Many are familiar with the styling sense of Sha’Carri Richardson. She keeps making the rounds on the internet due to her fashion statements. Recently, people saw the athlete at the Prefontaine Classic. Although she made a notable comeback by securing the second position at the 100m, people noticed her for an outfit she wore during the event.

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Sports apparels generally offer a simplistic appearance. However, a few athletes are known for their sense of fashion. Some of these athletes have worn shimmery outfits even to their events. Sha’Carri recently made the rounds after donning a customized sprint suit at the Pre Classic on May 2.


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The outfit of Sha’Carri at the Pre Classic

At the event, Richardson’s outfit caught not just the crowd’s attention but also the internet. People even began speculating whether Nike, the original maker of the sprint suit, customized the suit or if it was the work of a prominent designer.

However, the sprinter quickly dismissed these rumors as she clarified who the designer is. During the 100m event, Sha’Carri donned the bejeweled purple sprint suit, which caught the eye of fans and competitors alike. It featured numerous jewels dotting the outline of the outfit.


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Seeing such a sprint suit at a prominent meet is a rare occurrence. Although athletes in some sports like gymnastics wear outfits dotted with jewels and sequins, sprinters generally refrain from adding jewels and sequins to their race outfits. It is avoided so as not to add more weight to the suit.

When performances are judged based on time, even a minute difference in weight can be detrimental to winning an event. However, Sha’Carri took the risk and won the silver in the 100m event, trailing behind Elaine Thompson-Herah by just 0.13.

Who made the sprint suit for Sha’Carri Richardson?


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As the meet came to a close, people were still preoccupied with her outfit at the meet. While some were speaking about it among their peers and groups, others expressed their opinions online through various social media platforms.

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However, one thing is for sure most people were not aware of who designed the outfit for her. And everyone had formed varying views about the designer.


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But Sha’Carri came to her own rescue and announced on Twitter that she created the design and customized the sprint suit herself.

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