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“Fate Has Ways We Cannot Change”: Bruce Lee’s Wife Once Had a Contradicting Opinion on the Martial Arts Legend’s Death

Published 03/13/2023, 10:45 AM EDT

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Martial art legend Bruce Lee’s sudden demise on 20 July 1973 gave a major shock to the world. Moreover, after the news of his death broke out, the media speculated several reasons behind his death. However, nothing was officially reported until the post-mortem analysis was released. To calm the curious fans and reporters, his wife, Linda Cadwell Lee made an unexpected statement during Lee’s funeral rituals. 

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Lee’s biography, Bruce Lee: A Life by Mathew Polly, revealed that when Linda was leaving for Seattle to bury her husband, she had made a statement on the speculations that were made on Lee’s death. 

What did Linda Cadwell Lee think of Bruce Lee’s death?


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Bruce Lee died in Kowloon Tong. Therefore, his funeral was first held in Hong Kong. After the rituals were over, his body was taken for burial in Seattle. However, before leaving, Linda decided to issue public statement from the Kai Tak Airport, on the speculated reasons for Lee’s death. She revealed although the autopsy report was not out, she would still like to believe that it was a natural death. 

She further added, “I myself do not hold any person or people responsible for his death. Fate has ways we cannot change. The only thing of importance is that Bruce is gone and will not return.” 


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At a time when Linda was inconsolable over her husband’s sudden death, she had the strength to believe that Lee’s death was a natural one. She distanced herself from the disturbing rumors and conspiracy theories. 

After Linda’s statement, a Golden Harvest representative pleaded media that the film fraternity desires to let Bruce Lee die as a hero. He further told, “The reports, if true, will undoubtedly ruin his image. And they will break the heart of numerous Lee fans.”

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Bruce Lee indeed died as a hero. After Lee’s death, his films that released during that time faced the most unprecedented fate. 

Bruce Lee’s films stopped working

Bruce Lee’s death left a great impact on kung fu films. The films that were released during his death performed comparatively less than his previous films at the box office. This was a concerning aspect for the filmmakers.


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In Jackie Chan’s biography, Never Grow Up, he revealed that seeing Lee on screen at a time when he was dead in real – life did not appeal to the audience. They knew that he was not alive anymore and hence, fans stopped watching him on the screen gradually. The craze of martial art films was affected for a long period.

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However, eventually, the industry learned to work in Lee’s absence. 


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