Nebraska Huskers Volleyball’s Promising Recruit, Days After Stealing Spotlight at All-American Games, Continues to Shine in Different Sport

Published 01/06/2024, 7:08 AM EST

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Nebraska Huskers have always succeeded in stealing the spotlight. Known for their arch rivalry against Wisconsin Badgers, Nebraska is again making headlines not because of its current team members but because of one of the promising recruits of class 2024. Along the same lines, the recruit is proving her inner potential by playing exceptionally well on the court. 

She managed to grab the attention of the spectators by clinching the most valuable player of the match at All American games. In addition to this, she is playing harder not only in volleyball but in another sport to add honors to her list of accomplishments. 

Skyler Pierce nets the ball to bag honor       


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Spectrum News Kansas City conducted a short interview with Skyler showcasing her basketball moves and insights about the game. Along with the video posted on their X account, they penned, “Before SkyPierce21 heads off to play for HuskerVB, she couldn’t say no to playing in just a few more games! Check out this week’s HyVeeKCMetro Athlete of the Week.”

When Skyler played her junior basketball season in the Lakewood Northwest, she thought it was her last basketball match, but fortunately, she then got to know that he had six more remaining matches in her senior year. In the same interview, Skyler said, “I was kind of announced to it at the end of our state run, so kind of finding out about that last year and last year’s season, and then during this season I knew that I could contribute to our team and be able to finish off the season strong, so I was excited to have the opportunity to play six more games.”


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Recently, Skyler Pierce has bagged the honor of adding another feather of accolades to her cap of honors. She received the title of Kansas City HyVee Athlete of the Week at the last couple of basketball matches she played before getting added to Nebraska Husker’s roaster. 


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Committing to Nebraska Huskers

As Skyler is passing out this year, she will soon be added to the Nebraska Husker’s team roaster as she has already committed to the team. She will be starting off her volleyball career with the Nebraska Huskers on January 18th, 2024. In the same interview, Skyler expressed, “I’m so excited. Nebraska just came off a great season, even though they didn’t end up winning the championship, they definitely played hard and had a great season all in all. “

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Overall, Skyler is an impactful addition to the Nebraska Huskers.​ Apart from her basketball career, she also clinched the most valued player title as a part of Northwest High School. She features a hitting percentage of .536 and 17 kills in the match. Interestingly, she not only secured the title but also led her team to defeat the opponent team by 3-2. 

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