Coach Sheffield Re-Writes History as Wisconsin Badgers Volleyball Triumphs Over Maryland

Published 11/11/2023, 6:47 AM EST

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The NCAA Women’s Volleyball season just has a few matches left for every team. While every team is upgrading its performance in the final days, a top-tier team took the definition of improvement to another level. Spectators watched in awe as the Wisconsin Badgers completely obliterated the opposition of Maryland. However, things were not this rosy for the Badgers.

This dominating style of play wasn’t something the Wisconsin Badgers could achieve at one point. In fact, the Badgers weren’t even a powerhouse in women’s volleyball till head coach Kelly Sheffield took the team’s reins 10 years ago. A social media post recently congratulated the legendary coach as he rewrote history and claimed a big milestone. In fact, while this milestone was achievable with a regular victory, the Badgers made things better with a clean sweep.

The fruits of the decade-long journey


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It is true that it’s the players that make a team. However, when a team does extremely well every season, the credit goes to the staff and the sports program they built. The head coach of the Badgers, Kelly Sheffield, has held Wisconsin’s hand for ten years now and has converted his team into a perennial powerhouse. Wisconsin Volleyball recently made a tweet on its official X account and announced a new milestone coach Sheffield achieved, The tweet carried the caption, “Kelly Sheffield with the most Big Ten wins in program history!” The tweet also shared that Sheffield now has 171 wins as a coach. 

This is the highest number of wins any coach has had under their belt in the history of Wisconsin’s women’s volleyball program. Interestingly, this number exceeds that of former coaching legend Pete Waite. It is, therefore, not without reason that the tweet also carried a goat emoji in the caption. While the 171st win carried great significance by default, Sheffield’s students made sure to throw the best celebratory game they could.

Badgers exalt Sheffield’s value with a clean sweep

While the Badgers have made clean sweeps a staple diet of their team, they recently served their meal extra hot. In fact, Wisconsin didn’t even allow its opponents to reach double figures in the final set. The fierce volleyball powerhouse recently picked the offense of Maryland apart, while scorching their own kills down on their side of the court. 


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The results of the match carried humiliating numbers as Maryland scored just nine points in the final set, and had only 10 points in set one. While Maryland did try to overpower the Badgers in the second set, it seemed as if Wisconsin players were just humoring their opponents. Crushing the 21-point set-two efforts of Maryland, Wisconsin’s volleyball team ended the final set way too quickly. 


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According to the stats, Wisconsin tormented the Maryland offense and coldly shut down its kills with 13 silencing blocks. Moreover, they also fired five clean service aces to burn their opponents even more. With their biggest match coming up against Nebraska on 24 November, the Badgers are doing a good job of keeping their claws sharp.

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