The 2023 World Weightlifting Championship concluded on a great note in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Though the event asserted a great thrill among the spectators, it also became a subject of scrutiny. American weightlifting champion, Kate Vibert, as stepped on the podium for the weigh-in, she faced some discomforting remarks from the officials. Following this, she voiced her opinions to address the issue.

Following this incident, Vibert opened up about the misconduct she faced at the weigh-in. While adhering to the rules of the IWF, due to which the 24-year-old Katherine Vibert had to wear a singlet. However, the athlete claimed to be facing misbehavior from the officials present at the event. Amid this incident, the weightlifter unleashed her frustration and disappointment on social media.

The 2020 Olympics champion unleashes her frustration


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On September 22, via an Instagram post, Katherine Vibert opened up about the whole incident. According to the note written under the post, Vibert called out the officials at the weigh-in of misconduct.

The 24-year-old weightlifter who was wearing a light singlet during the weigh-in amid the new rules stated, “I stripped down to said singlet at my weigh-in. The officials immediately expressed their disapproval, pointing repeatedly at my chest. They both spoke to each other in a language I couldn’t understand while staring and pointing directly at my breasts.

I was embarrassed, humiliated, and angry,” claims that every offensive part of her body was covered, and yet she was denied wearing the singlet because her body was not built similarly to most weightlifters

Following the incident, the CEO and the President of the USA weightlifting, Matt Sicchio also issued an apology and addressed the issue.

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Matt Sicchio addressed the incident took place at the 2023 World Weightlifting Championship

The CEO and President of USA Weightlifting, Matt Sicchio, openly came out in support of Kate Vibert. He released a statement that articulated his strong and bold move. Through this decisive step, he demanded to take considerable and stringent action on this issue. He declared that USAW would file a formal complaint to IWF regarding this and would ask for accountability from the technical officials.


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This is what he said in the initial lines of his statement, “USA Weightlifting is aware of Kate Vibert’s Sept. 20 Instagram post detailing the appalling and unacceptable treatment she received on Sept. 13 during weigh-ins at the International Weightlifting Federation World Championships. We stand with Kate and applaud her courage to share this experience publicly.


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Addressing the issue, he further added, “the body shaming and humiliation she experienced from the international technical officials responsible for her weigh-in is not acceptable in any context, and certainly not as an elite athlete preparing to represent her country at the highest level of our sport.

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