Daniel Cormier takes no break from his wrestling passion. The two-time Olympian is a regular sight in the UFC, being a commentator. This year, he also showed up in the NCAA wrestling championships playing the same role. However, presently he is spending his off time with his students in the Daniel Cormier Wrestling Academy, having a thorough eye on their preparation. The California Cup is on the calendar and DC is having leisure while amping up the coaching schedule. Recently, he brought in several big names in his coaching facility to let the young guns witness the faces of college-level wrestling practically. 

Mike Grey, the David Dunlop ‘59 Head coach of wrestling at Cornell University, remained one of the familiar faces, giving tips in the camp. Apart from him, Scottie Boykin from the Air Force Academy gave a visit to the training camp to share tips with the young wrestlers. However, as Daniel Cormier updated his IG stories, However, as Daniel Cormier updated his IG stories, another standout came down to the training camp to teach the students: Donny Pritzlaff. Daniel celebrated his presence in the camp by captioning the concerned story: “Donny Pritz in the building!!!”. The former world wrestling championship medalist is now assistant head coach at Rutgers University. So, surely, his presence worked as an added inspiration for the budding wrestlers in the camp. However, the Midcals wrestling camp is a 6-day affair, scheduled June 9-June 14, in Daniel Cormier’s Wrestling Academy in Gilroy, California. Soon, some other prominent names will make it to the training camp, giving tidbits about the wrestling sport. 

USA Today via Reuters

As the schedule states, on June 12, Kevin Jackson (Michigan) and Neil Erisman (Arkansas Little Rock) will join the training camp. The June 13 camp will witness Olympian Ben Askren (Askren Academy) and Chris Pendleton (Oregon State University) appearing in the camp. However, on the penultimate day, Eric Larkin (Valiant Prep) and Zack Espo (NC State) will take the reins to train the wrestling aspirants. Surprisingly, Daniel Cormier has set up the schedule for all ages. Before the NCAA season fires up, the coaching camp may play an efficient role in bringing a suitable training option. But would NCAA wrestling watch Daniel Cormier again with the boom in his hand? 


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Daniel Cormier and NCAA – a bitter-sweet relationship 

In his wrestling era, Daniel Cormier found reverence for his mastery in the 184 weight bracket. In 2001, NCAA Division 1, he rose to fame by finding an entry to the final in the championship. But his goal of donning the victor’s medal around his neck wasn’t fulfilled as Cael Sanderson (the HC of Penn State NLWC) defeated him in the final. He couldn’t repeat his success later, which led him to shift to other wrestling sports afterward. But Daniel Cormier’s relationship with the NCAA wrestling did not end there. 

He later returned as the commentator in the championship, but the welcome wasn’t suitable for him. His commentating style failed to impress the wrestling fans. As a result, a staunch backlash followed him on social media. The famed UFC presenter couldn’t handle the outrage and was forced to post “Guys im out. This will be my last time doing the NCAA tournament. Continue to do things the same way and stay wrestling that hasn’t changed since the 40’s. I told the general public to watch a guy told me he’d rather tear his eyes out than watch. So enjoy. I’ll finish tonight and I’m out !”

So was that the end of Daniel Cormier’s NCAA wrestling stint? Possibly yes! But he will not stop loving wrestling. The latest scene proves that undoubtedly.