Amit Elor has become a global wrestling phenomenon at a very young age. The freestyle wrestler from California has earned herself much-deserved recognition in the wrestling world. She holds eight world titles in different age categories. She recently won the U23-World Wrestling Championship in Albania. Her performance through the last two seasons has made her a strong contender for Olympic gold in the Paris Olympics 2024.

Elor graduated her high school from College Park High School. By the time of her graduation, she had already set herself as an amateur wrestler. Now that she has amplified her career with the most impressive titles, she went back to her former high school to transfer her insights to the next generation of wrestlers.

Slow but steady, says Elor


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After making her way to the top of the titles chart, Elor recently paid a visit to her high school. He was happy to see the increase in the number of female wrestlers there. She took to Instagram and wrote sharing her happiness, “Yesterday I joined a practice at my old high school. I was so happy to see that they have over 80 wrestlers, including 22 girls! This was so heartwarming. Keep up the good work!! I will try to stop by as often as I can. Go Falcons”. The accompanying video showed her mentoring the school wrestlers on the mat.


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The student wrestlers were overjoyed and were listening to everything very closely. Soaking in every little detail Amit Elor was talking about. Elor was seen explaining the wrestling tricks meticulously to her juniors, mentoring them about takedowns. Among all the mantras offered by Elor, one that stood out was, “Better to do it slower and correctly rather than strong”.

It is a moment of great pride and honor for Amit Elor. Coming back to your roots and mentoring others to go up is purely a champion’s thing, and that is something that makes Elor even more special. With the promise of coming back, her school visit proved out to be a positive stop before her new European adventure next year.


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The upcoming adventure awaits

The upcoming adventure awaits Amit Elor. After claiming every major title as a teenager, Amit Elor has her eyes on the golden glory. The 19-year-old U-23 World Champion is looking forward to the Paris Olympics 2024. She will probably go back to the 68 kg weight division for the Olympics. The Olympics don’t have the 72 kg weight category, which she competes in.

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She was wrestling at 68 in 2021 and going back to it should not be that challenging. The real challenge will be getting on the Olympic mat. A dream that she has been dreaming since childhood. Through her performance over the past two seasons, she has already made her mark on global wrestling. It remains to be seen whether she can hold on to that to clinch the ultimate glory.

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