Amit Elor has achieved monumental success in the world of wrestling. Already making an everlasting impression in the sport, Elor has achieved an elite status. Her wrestling career is a step-by-step victory path set by her. She started off her victory path from U17 when she won the world title at U17 and then moved on to U20, winning the world title there too. She won the U2O worlds and senior world last year and this year she conquered the U23 worlds to make her mark on every championship.

Among all these, this year alone saw Elor winning three world titles. While the record book registered that diligently, someone else also took careful note of that. That individual who Elor holds very close to her heart, not only noted that but also made an adorable attempt to make that memorable to the best. And Elor can not seem to get over that.

An awesome threesome for Elor


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Amit Elor recently bagged the world wrestling championship. To celebrate this and other accolades she has received this year, her sister Ronny took her out on a date and gave her a special necklace that represents her world title. An elated Elor took to Instagram and wrote, “My sister @ronnyelor gave me such a special present. A necklace with three hearts. Rose, white, and yellow gold. One heart for each world championship I won this year! And on top of that, she took me out to celebrate at one of my favourite restaurants. I’m going to cherish this necklace and these moments forever”. Apart from the affection of big sister, Ronny has other reasons for going for such a thoughtful gift.


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Ronny, herself, was a State Champion in wrestling for the College Park Falcons in 2010. Having been a wrestler herself, she must have been extremely pleased to find her sister going in the right direction. And that direction at present leads nowhere but to Paris. Elor missed the Tokyo Olympics for a bizarre reason. Being born on 1st January 2004, Elor was just one day too young to be eligible for the event trials.

Therefore, Elor will surely look forward to giving her best this year. She has won eight world titles and is the reigning champion at 72 kg. But she will be wrestling at 68 kg since there is no 72 kg division in the Olympics. With the golden victory at the world championship, Elor has made herself a promising gold contender at the Olympics. after all, it is a dream Elor has harbored from a very tender age.


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The Ultimate Olympic dream

Talking to Olympic.com in an exclusive interview, Elor had once said, “The Olympics is my ultimate dream; it’s been my dream ever since I can remember.” Amit Elor will be chasing her ultimate dream this coming August in 2024. She did a three-peat this year by winning three world titles again.

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There is still time before the stage at Champ-de-Mars assembles the mats that are going to define the glory. But before that, the most important thing for Amit Elo is to cut the weight and get into the 68 kg division. This a challenge that she will definitely overcome and move on ahead to do the golden podium stand at the Paris Olympics 2024. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the addition of one more heart to the necklace Ronny presented to Amit! 

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