The US collegiate wrestling season had kicked off a shining new season just days ago. However, dark clouds have already surrounded the fresh season as the wrestlers of two universities in Iowa have caught the spotlight as they are alleged to be involved in betting scandals. While the NCAA has already suspended the wrestlers, the Iowa Hawkeyes wrestling coach, Tom Brands, has broken his silence on the whole matter.

As the University of Iowa (Hawkeyes) and Iowa State University (Cyclones) gained the scrutiny in the wake of ongoing investigation, Hawkeyes coach, Tom Brands, recently appeared before the media as they questioned him about the betting scandal. A social media post showcased the coach speaking up on the matter and registering his frustration over the way the authorities investigated the matter. 

Iowa Hawkeyes’ wrestling coach expressed his disregard


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The recent betting scandal involved four wrestling students from the University of Iowa and the Iowa State University (ISU). As the NCAA carries out the investigation, which is currently underway, Brands voiced his silence regarding the fiasco and expressed his unfeigned perspective on the matter.

FloWrestling uploaded a clip of the session via a tweet on its official X account. The tweet carried the caption, “Tom Brands believes the right gambling questions aren’t being asked.” Tom Banks said, “What was the Department of Justice doing in the state of Iowa to target Iowa State and the University of Iowa athletes? What were they doing?” The coach also took shots at the media and said that they weren’t asking the right people the right questions.

The Hawkeyes wrestling coach said, “I don’t know who to ask. You’re the media. It’s a sports story, you’re sports media. Ask the questions.” Tom Brands also questioned why he was the person sitting in a press conference when the Department of Justice should’ve been questioned in his stead. 


In fact, according to FloWrestling, Brands also voiced his suspicion and pointed out to the University of Iowa and ISU being specifically targeted. Especially since the gambling scandal has been in the light for months.

Tom Brands points out biasedness in the investigation

The university leadership of Iowa had been notified about the ongoing malicious conduct by people connected to it on 2 May. Over 111 individuals spanning multiple Iowa athletes were under the watch regarding the case. However, Brands asks why no other university has come under the radar despite several months passing by.


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Quoting a statement by the NCAA, Brands said, “The leadership of the NCAA is on record saying there is a nationwide campus epidemic of sports wagering.” In light of this, he added, “No one is asking the question why the Department of Justice and the state of Iowa were targeting Iowa State University and the University of Iowa.”

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Moreover, Brands has also expressed concern over the decision involving the four wrestlers suspended by the NCAA. He noted, “These guys didn’t lie, they didn’t cheat, they didn’t do anything illegal. A 21-year-old can gamble. A 21-year-old is a junior in college. A one-year ban is a death sentence most of the time.” 


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While the investigation is still underway, several conjectures are being formed around the scandal. Following which, Brands acknowledged the parley and shared his perspective about the intrigues that need to be asked primarily.

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