Despite His Feet Being “Totally Numb,” the King of Bodybuilding Doing Strenuous Calf Raises in the Gym.

Published 11/06/2022, 6:40 PM EST

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Eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman is in no mood to give up. The bodybuilding legend, who spent his entire life being the greatest bodybuilder, lost his mobility due to multiple injuries. After retiring in 2007, Coleman never returned to any other competitors. However, he built his bodybuilding brand, Ronnie Coleman, to help bodybuilders work on their bodies correctly. In a recent post from the bodybuilding legend, it seems he is trying hard to get back.

Coleman is regarded as the best bodybuilder besides the OG Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has won several titles, along with Mr. Olympia for eight consecutive years (1998 to 2005). Ronnie faced his career’s biggest setback when he experienced two hip replacements and multiple back injuries. Despite being unwell, he never gave up and continued training. However, training after the injury worsened his situation, due to which he completely lost his mobility.


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What is Ronnie Coleman up to in his recent post?

Ronnie Coleman may never return to the limelight. But that does not keep him away from working on his body. In 2020, doctors reported that Coleman would never be able to walk again as he lost his mobility.

However, he proved everyone wrong by taking baby steps to improve his mobility. Soon he was able to walk again with assistance. He often shared clips of him doing moderate gym workouts on his social media. In a recent post from June 2022, the bodybuilder shared a small clip of doing a calf-raising routine in the gym. He captioned the video saying;


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“Trying my very best to do calf raises with both of my feet being totally numb. Sometimes it’s not about how hard you try do something, it’s about how bad you wanna do something. Shout out to my friends over at Frontline Alternatives for helping me keep my liver, kidney and heart levels on point. #yeahbuddy”.

Coleman wishes to never stop training despite his feet being numb. Also, the 58-year-old has to take massive precautions while training to prevent further injuries.


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Ronnie Coleman did bodybuilding with a herniated disc for 10 years

A herniated disc is no joke and unimaginably unbearable. But it did not affect the legend, Ronnie Coleman. During his Mr.Olympia days, Coleman felt a solid crunch in his back but chose to ignore it.

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Although he knew something was wrong as he felt the pain, he continued to work out. Coleman only got it operated after retiring in 2007. By the time he realized its severity, it was too late, and he lost his mobility.


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