WATCH: Epic Six-Foot Tall NHL Defender Teaches Everyone How to be the Perfect Co-worker

Published 01/19/2023, 1:00 PM EST

The NHL captivated the audience outside the ice rink as these players attempted to put the puck in the net. A goal is what every fan enjoys watching, but some saved not by the goaltender just make people wonder how great the defensemen are.

Ryan Lindgren just left the whole NHL community in shock in his match against the Columbus Blue Jackets. On Monday evening, the New York Rangers’ Lindgren showed the world that when he is on the ice rink, the goaltender doesn’t need to worry. The NHL player made a save that was not just smooth but too perfect for the audience.

A teammate that every NHL player craves for


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On Monday evening, the New York Rangers were playing against the Columbus Blue Jackets. The pressure was already on the latter when the former team’s Mika Zibanejad and Barclay Goodrow had already secured a 2–0 lead in the first period of the game. The second period of the game also saw the Rangers dominate. Vitali Kravtsov scored a third goal for the team, and the second period ended with a score of 3–0, favoring the former. Elvis Merzlikins, the goaltender of the Blue Jackets, also made a lot of tremendous saves, but it wasn’t quite enough.

The third period starts off with the Blue Jackets’s Andrew Peeke scoring, making the score 3–1. The Blue Jackets had a long run to cover, but this was the goal that gave them hope for a comeback. Little did they know that Ryan Lindgren was not going to give them any room. During the whole game, Lindgren saved the Rangers three times. The puck was going nowhere inside the Rangers’s net as goaltender Jaroslav Halak and defenseman Lindgren were just in form.


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Lindgren once again has proven to his team that he is one of the best defensemen they’ve ever had. Halak also hugged Lindgren when the match was over, as he was grateful to have him as a teammate on the ice rink.

Fans just went crazy in the comment section

Ryan Lindgren is just as well-known as his brother Charlie Lindgren. Although Charlie chose to be a goaltender, Ryan chose to be a defenseman. Both brothers are known for not letting the puck go anywhere inside the net. Fans also left a ton of comments about how great Ryan Lindgren is as a player for the Rangers. Here are some.

“Ryan Lindgren is such an underrated defender.”

“Gotta love Halak showing him respect.”

“Lindgren!!! he’s a friggin cyborg. whenever my husband and I see him all we hear is the Terminator theme song.”

“Lucky lindy is one of the best DFD in the league.”


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“He gets it from his brother that plays goalie for the caps.”

“Charlie giving him tips?”

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What do you think of the performance of this defenseman for the New York Rangers? Let us know in the comment section.




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