The surfing community had a field trip today as it was the birthday of legend Kelly Slater. It’s clear that the surfer’s legion of devoted followers knows no borders when it comes to showering him with well-wishes and admiration. However, the icon also got a very unique present from someone extremely important in his life: his daughter, Taylor Slater.

Recently, Taylor Slater posted a touching Instagram story wishing her dad a happy birthday. It was also shared by Kelly Slater, who added a positive message when he shared it on his Instagram story.

Such a strong bond, they share…


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While Slater may be ruthless in the waves, his daughter Taylor is his sensitive spot. Born in 1996, Taylor Slater is Kelly Slater and Tamara Mitchell’s only child. Slater’s regret at missing his daughter’s formative years hasn’t strained his bond with her.

Taylor honored her dad on his birthday by posting four Instagram stories. The first one was a gorgeous masterpiece by Sam Palmquist. She says in her story, “happy birthday dad.” It looks like this touched her father’s heart, as Slater reposted it by saying, “Beautiful gift from my daughter from her wedding a few months ago. Art by @samuelsdrawings.” This wholesome interaction between the father and the daughter surely melted a lot of hearts. 

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In her second story, she shared a photograph of the father-daughter duo from her wedding. Taylor’s third Instagram story included a touching photo of her and her dad sharing a heartfelt embrace on her wedding day. The last story had the sketched version of the preceding picture by Sam Palmquist.

There’s more to celebrate by the surfing legend’s daughter

As if the surfing community needed any more convincing than the many Instagram stories, Taylor Slater topped it all off with 10 photos of her and Kelly Slater in a separate Instagram post. In the post, she writes, “happy birthday dad. What a fun year it was!!” Fans’ heartfelt responses to the images demonstrate how deeply they touched them.

“love these photos so much of you two @taylrsltr”

“Happy birthday to the goat!!!!”


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“What a sweet, sweet post, I’m teary over here!”

“Your Dad is one of the few genuinely good people in the world! Happy birthday Kelly.”

“The coolest dad ever !!!!!!!”


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What do you think of this special bond that they both share? Let us know in the comment section.