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“Style & Grace!”: Pod of Dolphins’ Unbelievable Act at One of the Most Picturesque Surfing Destinations Leaves Netizens Mesmerized

Published 06/04/2023, 12:19 PM EDT

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The beaches of Esperance, Australia, are more than the beauty and spectacle they represent. Along with the turquoise water and giant wave barrels, Esperance Beach also is a haven for one of the most intelligent marine mammals, the dolphins. Now, as the dolphins are often seen porpoising through the waters of Esperance, the magnificent creatures recently took all the social media brownie points as they protruded through the ocean with absolute finesse.

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Now that surfing is an official Olympic sport, people are talking about where the best waves are. A recent social media image depicting dolphins surfing went viral when it was shared by the Olympics. Surfers and dolphin lovers in general rushed to the post’s comments to express their admiration for these magnificent marine mammals.

Looks like these marine creatures also enjoy the popular surfing site


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On 3rd June, the official Instagram handle of the Olympics shared a video of dolphins porpoising in the turquoise waters of Esperance beach. In the video’s description, it was said, “These dolphins would win gold at the #ISAWorlds for sure.” With their impressive gallop, these dolphins may make a good showing in the 2023 ISA World Surfing Games, which are being discussed on the official Olympics Instagram account.

The video illustrates that these animals can glide effortlessly across the water of Esperance. In addition to swimming with the waves, the dolphins are seen doing a spectacular feat in which they gallop in the opposite direction of the waves.

The precision with which one dolphin follows the next demonstrates their remarkable ability to work together.


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Australian quadriplegic photographer Jaimen Hudson, who is well-recognized for his extraordinary marine photography talents, shot the original version of this film. To the Olympics, he added, “Thanks for sharing guys.” He seems really appreciative that they re-posted this amazing clip.

A delight to the eyes of fans all over the world

The video went viral quickly, with over 200k views in only a few hours. Many people who are interested in marine life or surfing have commented on this amazing sight.

This user commented on the charm that these creatures have, saying, “Style & Grace! But definitely stick to the water events…” It looks like the dolphins gained a huge compliment, as this comment read, “Dolphin’s face are extremely cute!!!”


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Another fan shares their experience, saying, “Surfing dolphins saw them for the 1st time on BBC America.” Even some fans are too stunned to speak on this, as one comment read, “This doesn’t look real!” Clearly, as the anticipation of the Olympics 2024 is buzzing in the air, dolphins at one of the most famous surfing destinations took the spotlight, don’t you agree?

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