After 145 People Drowned Last Summer, Surfing Lifesavers Don’t Want a Repeat in 2023

Published 12/26/2022, 5:45 PM EST

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When deadly tragedies occur, they bring a wave of fear about similar incidents. This is exactly what happened when two recent deaths due to drowning brought back fears of more such deaths in 2023. In a recent statement, the Royal Saving Society gave statistics about the number of deaths that took place this summer. The public was further reminded of the deadly incidents last summer where many people died due to drowning.

And who else, to tell all about the harrowing tragedies of the ocean, then surfing lifesavers? This group of individuals who take it upon themselves to save surfers from drowning had interesting views about the rescues they have been a part of.  


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Disclosure of the two Horrific Incidents and startling admissions by Surfing Savers 

According to a report by The Guardian, two people died on Christmas day. While one of the two was a 36-year-old male, the other was a teenager. The man died in Sydney whereas the woman died in Victoria. Stating about such deaths due to drownings, The Royal Surfing Society remarked that they didn’t want more drowning deaths next year similar to last year. 

Continuing, RJ Houston from the Royal Saving Society said, “There have been 11 drownings this summer so far including two on Christmas Day.” Later, Houston also related how Christmas and New Year were the most dangerous days for drowning deaths. 

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The surfing lifesavers also gave unique insights into how the number of rescues had increased. “After flood events have devastated communities across the state, people are flocking to our coastline to enjoy the water, which may have contributed to the higher number of rescues”, a Victorian official spoke. Continuing, the official told the public to exercise precaution and not swim in the water solo. Children’s supervision was also paramount.

How a popular surfer nearly died in 2020

A popular surfer, Billy Kemper almost went close to the jaws of death. In February 2020, Billy was out surfing with his friends when he noticed a big wave. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, Kemper went towards the treacherous wave. However, the intensity of the wave was not what Billy expected and it knocked him out temporarily. After hitting the surface of the water, Kemper faced terrible pain. He was finally brought out of the water after a difficult rescue. 


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The summer deaths and the incident with Billy Kemper reflect the importance of maintaining caution while in the water. As surfing fans, we hope these tragedies don’t increase next summer. Which precautions do you think should be taken to prevent drowning deaths? Let us know in the comments below. 

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