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“Father Went to Sell Me”: Ever Smiling Jackie Chan’s Life Began in Unfair Conditions, Revealed in 2010

Published 12/10/2022, 4:00 PM EST

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The iconic martial arts superstar Jackie Chan never had it easy getting into the big leagues. Growing up in Hong Kong wasn’t easy because of his family’s poor financial condition. But still, the legend managed to become one of the best stars recognized worldwide.

America’s Favorite Video Today

In series 18, episode 25, of Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Jackie Chan was bombarded with questions. The first question that Jonathan had was about Jackie’s childhood. He was curious about a question, the answer to which would make anyone feel bad for Jackie.


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Jackie Chan didn’t have his piece of cake cut out for him

The financial situation that Jackie Chan’s parents were in was very bad. It was so bad that his father once had to make a condemnable decision just to get some money.

“Because we was so poor. When my parents cannot pay the what their money for the hospital… He want to sell to the British doctor for 250. As soon as my father went to sell me somehow his friend said no no no you’re the only child and you keep it but my father was lucky to keep me,” Jackie said.


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His mother carried him in the womb for 12 months, which is very harsh. They didn’t have money to pay for the hospital bills, so his father wanted to sell him. In fact, Jackie was indirectly saved by his father’s friend who suggested his father not sell his one and only kid.

The best of the best

There was a particular reason Jackie Chan was such a world-renowned actor. Because of his early expertise in martial arts, he became a sensational stuntman. Because of this, he is well-known in both the eastern and Hollywood film industries.


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All the actionable stunts during his career came at a high price and that price was his body. Did you know that Jackie Chan has over 40 broken bones?

For a common man, that would have been fatal or just the end of his career. But for Jackie, it was nothing. Nevertheless, he continued with his acting career and his passion for stunts for a considerable amount of time. Unlike modern times that use advanced technology to perform stunts, Jackie did them on his own.


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