“Full of Crap”: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Destroyed John Cena and Lance Armstrong With His Brutal Takeaway

Published 05/22/2022, 9:15 AM EDT

Everyone is aware of the fact that Dwayne The Rock Johnson is one of the best fighters the WWE has ever seen. But, if you look at his wordplay and wit, you’ll be his fan for a whole different reason. Though the cycling legend, Lance Armstrong, and WWE superstar, John Cena, might have a different take on that given that they were the ones being destroyed.

Humor is a key part of Dwayne The Rock Johnson‘s movies in Hollywood. He is like the perfect combination of humor and action. Perhaps this is the reason fans adore him so much. However, he is not just funny in the movies. In real life as well, he is a perfect entertainer.


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Dwayne The Rock Johnson using Lance Armstrong to destroy John Cena

During the WrestleMania 29 in 2013, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and John Cena were against each other. While Johnson was confident about defending his title, Cena wouldn’t stop at anything but the championship title.

In their pre-fight encounter, he quoted Mike Tyson saying, “In order to be the best that ever lived, you have to beat everyone living.” Further revealing his intentions, he added, “I have accomplished every single goal. I have jumped every roadblock in my entire career. Except for you. At WrestleMania 29, Your time is up. My time is now.”

While anyone would have given up on legendary Mike Tyson’s reference, but surely not The Rock. Instead, he came up with the best reply ever.


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He said, “You wanna quote famous athletes I got a quote for you from a famous athlete that goes like this, ‘Winning is about the heart you just got to have it in the right place.’ The man who said that quote was Lance Armstrong. He was full of crap and so are you.”

But what transpired between the two when both the legends took on each other inside the ring?


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Who won the fight?

Well, in the end, Lance Armstrong’s reference and his quote couldn’t help Dwayne the Rock Johnson from defending his title. While the actor might have won the banter fight with his impressive wordplay, he lost the actual fight to John Cena.

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Though Dwayne The Rock Johnson might have lost the fight, he gave fans an amazing memory to cherish for a lifetime. No matter how many times you watch it doesn’t get old.


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