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USTA “Continues its Plan” to Hold US Open 2020 Despite Spike in Coronavirus Cases

USTA “Continues its Plan” to Hold US Open 2020 Despite Spike in Coronavirus Cases

The Western and Southern Open has been a popular event for many players in preparation for the US Open 2020. It is usually played in Cincinnati, Ohio but there was a proposal to hold it in New York just like the US Open. This was proposed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the USTA has just said that they are going with this.

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US Open 2020 and Western and Southern Open to Take Place in New York

The United States has recorded the most COVID-19 cases in the world. The USTA has therefore taken many precautions to ensure the safe execution of both events.  One of these precautions is to play the Western and Southern Open in New York just before the US Open. In a recent tweet, the USTA said,

“The USTA continues its plans to stage the US Open and host both the US Open and the Western and Southern Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Center. We remain confident that our top priority, the health and safety of all involved in both tournaments, remains on track. Working with the Medical Advisory Group and the State of New York, we have developed a strong health and safety plan to mitigate the risk of infection… In all aspects of health and safety and the viability of travel to the New York area, the USTA has worked collaboratively with the ATP and the WTA.”

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The USTA is clearly taking every possible measure to ensure the safety of everyone participating in the events. They have also restricted the entry of fans into the arena to make sure that the coronavirus does not spread.

However, concerns of safety aren’t the only ones the 2020 US Open has to deal with. The issue of participation is also something that will be weighing on the organizers rather heavily. While players such as Dominic Thiem and Serena Williams have confirmed their participation, there are many who haven’t. This is due to the several restrictions in place at the event, something a lot of players seem to be wary of. Only time will tell who we actually get to see in action!

Source: US Open Twitter

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