Valkyrae Grabs Bragging Rights with a Clean Sweep at The Game Awards

December 11, 2020 3:35 pm

100 Thieves Content Creator Rachell Hofstetter, better known as Valkyrae, has just added another feather to her cap. She bagged the Content Creator of the Year award at The Game Awards this year.

Content creators this year have saved the entire community from a life of endless boredom. The year got off to a pretty rocky start because of the ongoing pandemic. It forced everyone to stay indoors and look for new modes of entertainment. Unsurprisingly, the community found solace in video games.

People took on games, watched videos of their favorite games, and also watched their favorite streamers talk about these games.

As a result, many streamers across different platforms have seen a massive surge in viewership. Valkyrae’s YouTube account crossed 2 million subscribers just last month.

She was also the most-watched female streamer for the month of November. This success has resulted in her winning the Content Creator of the Year Award ahead of popular streamers like NICKMERCS, Alanah Pearce, TimTheTatman, and Jay-Ann Lopez.

Valkyrae bags yet another award

Valkyrae gathered a following soon after she got started off in gaming and content creation. There was just no stopping her after that. The streamer has become a heavyweight in the streaming industry and has won several awards for it too. She has been voted as ‘The Fastest Growing Live Streamer In The World’ & ‘The Biggest Female Gaming Streamer In The World’ by Ryan Wyatt.

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Valkyrae’s viewship surged when she started streaming InnerSloth’s Among Us. The game had rolled out back in 2018 but was invigorated by several streamers this year. This was the beginning of a symbiotic relationship, causing exponential growth for both the title and many streamers.

She was the first female content creator for 100 T and has become an advocate for women in gaming and will definitely inspire several other female content creators to reach the apex she has.

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