Valorant: 100 Thieves Signs Up Former Team Liquid Player

August 15, 2020 1:33 pm

100 Thieves is one of the biggest names in the eSport industry right now. However, this company had been facing criticism lately, calling them apparel or merch company, or a talent hub, or an entertainment company. Recently, a Reddit user wrote a post on the 100 Thieves subreddit accusing Nadeshot and 100T by extension of not investing enough time and thought to the eSports division of the company. It goes without saying that Nadeshot was deeply hurt by this and spoke about the roster concerns of the company’s eSports division. He did agree that the CS: GO and Valorant rosters have not done too well so far, but it’s not due to lack of trying.

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It would be wrong to say that the teams under the 100T banner have all been performing poorly. The League of Legends and Call of Duty rosters have proved their worth and the CS: GO roster has great potential. As for Valorant, 100T has great news. Their roster for Valorant already had Hiko as its captain. Now, they have signed former Team Liquid player nitr0 in their team.

Is 100T’s Valorant roster a reaction to Team Liquid’s roster?

Earlier this month, Team Liquid revealed their competitive roster for Valorant. The move was a bold one, signing up a host of fresh talent along with a well-known pro. TL signed up the entire roster of the British Valorant team Fish123 (except their coach). In addition to this, the organization has also signed the “one-tap” kill machine ScreaM.

Now, Nadeshot had said on his stream that he will not tolerate it if someone accuses him, or 100T, of not spending enough about the eSports division of the company. Signing up a well-known CS: GO pro in the roster surely is a way of restoring the faith in 100T. It seems as if 100T is trying to step up the game as Team Liquid has joined the fight.

Signing up nitr0 into the roster is a pretty good move, right after he retired from Liquid’s CS: GO roster. With two pros in the team now, let us see how this roster performs.

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