Valorant: A Few Tricks Shroud Uses That You Didn’t Know About

August 27, 2020 12:25 am

Shroud announced his return to Twitch recently. And with Ninja and Dr. Disrespect not being a part of the platform, he will be looking at the most views.

Shroud is a former  CS:GO pro who played for teams like Cloud9. He announced his retirement in 2018 to dedicate his time to full-time streaming.

Shroud has been streaming a lot of Valorant lately. If you watch his streams, you’ll know how fluid his movements are. His ability to maneuver the opponent’s moves and to be able to predict them is what makes him so good.

The fact that he is a former pro is just another weapon in his arsenal. Shroud has a few basic techniques but has mastered them successfully.

Here are a few techniques that Shroud employs

Holding an angle in the game

Holding an angle in the game is very important. And it’s not beneficial for you alone, it benefits your teammates as well. This way, taking a second to lay your shot will get you a clear advantage against an enemy.

Maintaining an angle is important for yet another reason. Even if you get outnumbered, maintaining a favorable position will enable your team to get a trade kill.

This way Shroud is able to shuffle between playing a fast-paced game to just hold an angle when outnumbered. This is a simple trick but might take a while to master, but once locked down it’s a true game-changer.

A favorable angle is useful for the entire team. It helps you to avoid the situation of being ambushed and ultimately benefits decision making.

Trading kills

You can say that the first two points are interlinked. Shroud has a mind-bending ability to trade kills. He stays at an angle that is not too close yet not too far from his teammate.

This way he avoids becoming an easy target but also makes sure that the opponent is directly in his line of fire to trade a kill.

His game sense is what makes his streams so interesting. If you have been following his Twitch channel, you know how successful he is with trade kills.

You need to remember a couple of things before you try to pull this off. One, if one of your teammates gets killed, push to get a trade rather than holding back. This way, your opponents are vulnerable because they are distracted.

Remember to not get too close to your teammates. This doesn’t give them enough space to retreat if they wish to.

Attempting a spray transfer

Spray Transfers are probably the best way to get familiar with a weapon. Spray transfers look pretty neat when they are successful but do require a meticulous understanding. Valorant has a pretty systematic concept of a spray transfer.

The spray becomes erratic after the first few bullets are fired and makes it difficult to predict the spray transfer. There is another thing you need to keep in mind.

Spray transfers burn your mag out faster than usual. So, it’s a good chance that if a spray is unsuccessful, you will need time to reload.

He takes time with spray transfer and doesn’t empty his mag to be ready for a surprise attack.

Shroud uses baits to lure opponents

Shroud uses a calculated system of baits to lure his opponents and pick them off with a tap kill. One of them is the audio cue.

He plants the spike for a second to attract the attention of the opponents, forcing them to take a peek. However, he does this in a very swift manner. This way the opponents have to choose between taking a peek or not doing anything. Be that as it may, he is pretty tactical with this move.

You can master this move by being unpredictable with your movements in the game. Altering your pace every now and then and looking for a better angle will get you more kills than just hunting around randomly waiting for them to appear.

Shroud is a very experienced player and certainly dedicates a lot of his time to just harnessing his skills. That’s what you need to do, as well.

Practicing your basics will give you an edge above your opponents and regardless of the number of kills you get, it will help you become a better player.

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