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Valorant Act 3 Has Already Got Its First Glitch in Icebox

Valorant Act 3 Has Already Got Its First Glitch in Icebox

Valorant Act 3 has kicked off and has been quite good so far. This current act began with the addition of a new map to the game, called ‘Icebox’. This map is can be considered the amalgamation of various elements from the other maps, except the teleportation function of Bind.

Icebox is the only map in the game whose Site A is an enclosed space. On the other hand, Site B is perhaps the largest site in the game. This map encourages players to use a variety of strategies they have not used before since the topography of Icebox is quite different from the previous maps.

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Overall, Icebox has the potential to make the gameplay really interesting. However, many players have been complaining about a certain glitch in the map. Recently, Hiko experienced this glitch while streaming and uploaded this clip on his YouTube channel. Apparently, this glitch only works when you are using the Ultimate ability of Omen.

The Icebox glitch in Valorant can be a real pain unless devs notice this and fix it

Omen’s Ult ability allows him to teleport to any position on the map. If you use his Ult to make him teleport to a particular position near Site A, you instead teleport to a small area that is below the map. From this position, you can see through the floor of the room above you. Now, this is a glitch that many players can exploit to spam kills.

If you are aware of the supposed update patch roadmap for the upcoming days, you probably know that Riot delayed the launch of the new agent so that they could hand their community a finished map. The devs did not want the pressure of adding everything new onto a single update patch. Ironically, players located this glitch in the map just a few days following its launch.

Riot should fix this game-breaking glitch as soon as possible because it is only a matter of time before players start exploiting this.

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