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Valorant CEO Pens A Heartwarming Message To The Gaming Community

Valorant CEO Pens A Heartwarming Message To The Gaming Community


Riot Games jumped into the first-person shooter category with Valorant in early April. Despite being the studios’ first venture into the popular genre, the 5v5 character-based shooter has fared remarkably in its beta version. Valorant had been revving for a full launch for quite some time. Riot announced June 2 as the release date, and last week, on May 28, the beta version went offline.

Yesterday, the developer revealed the official launch times across several regions around the world. As the full-scale global release spanned over multiple time zones, Valorant began rolling it out in phases.

Consequently, Japan, Korea, and most of Asia-Pacific experienced Valorant Episode 1: Ignition first. Turkey, Europe, Middle East & North Africa, Russia, and CIS countries followed next. North America, Latin America, and South America were the last regions to join the ranks. Meanwhile, as millions across the world hopped on to Valorant, the CEO of Riot Games conveyed a heartwarming message.

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“The days are tense and draining, and we all feel it”- CEO of Valorant

While the game was still undergoing a global launch, the CEO of Riot Games, Nicolo Laurent, had a compassionate message to deliver. The Twitter handle for Riot Games posted his letter.

In the blog, Laurent underlined the years of hard work the company put into Valorant’s development. They are thrilled with the praise and momentum their tactical FPS game has garnered.

You have established a passionate game community already, and we know you have been looking forward to playing this week, even in the midst of historic adversity.

The CEO highlighted the growing unrest in the United States on top of the global pandemic scenario.

The African American community is in immense pain, protests for change are happening all across the US, and this is all taking place on top of the difficulties posed by a global pandemic. The days are tense and draining, and we all feel it.

However, they remain dedicated to the community despite the tense circumstances. Although the challenges posed are critical, the team wants to help create positive memories.

We hope Valorant will be a small bright spot for you during an otherwise dark time,” he concluded.

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Riot stands in solidarity

In another heartfelt Twitter message, Riot Games stood in solidarity with the African-American community against all forms of injustice.

They have also set up a Social Impact Fund aiming for reforms.

The death of George Floyd sparked turmoil across the USA. It’s not just Riot Games who have stepped forward with empathetic actions. Sony postponed the PlayStation 5 games reveal event in the wake of growing protests. Electronic Arts have canceled their celebration event for Madden NFL 21. Furthermore, Google has also delayed the announcement for Andriod 11 beta.

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